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Top 10 Male Celeb Nude Scenes (2016)

“With the year in celebrity nudity drawing to a close, it’s time to announce the best and tightest of 2016! Mr. Man’s Top 10 Scenes of 2016 have the very hottest naked celebs from a group outstanding dudity contenders…” — Mr. Man


10) Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition — Ben there, bun that! Kicking off our list it’s bat butt from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition. Not seen in theaters, this extended cut of the film features a beefy Ben Affleck going nude in a sexy shower scene. More like Dawn of JustASS!

9) Nick Robinson in Being CharlieNick Robinson busted onto the scene as older brother Zach in 2015’s Jurassic World, but he busted seams during his nude debut in Being Charlie. At just 20 years old, the blue-eyed blondie reveals his truly amazing ass at the doctor’s office. We hope Nick continues to make us Throbinson for years to come!

8) Rob Callender in Game of ThronesGame of Thrones continued to out-dude itself in season six with an unforgettable close up of Rob Callender’s uncut cock and balls. The scene quickly went viral and is one of the series’ all time guylights. You’ll want to mark this Callender.

7) Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool — The comic book adaptation Deadpool lives up to its much-hyped R-rating with a Marvel-ous montage featuring Ryan Reynolds’ rockin’ rump. Unlike Batman v Superman, this Dead sexy dudity made it into theaters, shaking up the superhero formula in the process. Now that’s a comic… strip!

6) Viggo Mortensen in Captain Fantastic — The ageless Viggo Mortensen has one of the most impressive nude résumés of any actor with nine (yes, nine!) naked appearances. At 57-years-old he goes fabulously full frontal in the acclaimed indie Captain Fantastic when he steps out of his bus completely nude. We don’t think that’s “just a penis.”

5) Rami Malek in Mr. Robot — The year’s best basic cable can comes from the insanely sexy Rami Malek on the USA Network hacker series Mr. Robot. You’ll be a growbot when Malek goes ass out for a surprisingly lengthy nude scene in prison. This hacker will turn you into a whacker!

4) Max Jenkins & Colby Keller in High Maintenance — We kick off the final four with an epic gay sex scene from the new HBO series High Maintenance. Colby Keller is just TOPS as he pounds Max Jenkins like only a porn superstar could. After bringing Max to fits of ecstasy, Colby flaunts full frontal in a major way. BRB, going to take a cold shower.

3) 50 Cent in Power — It’s safe to say that the year’s most surprising peen scene comes from 50 Cent on Power. The Internet went wild when Fiddy whipped out his quarter pounder while getting handsy with a woman. That’ll put some Power in your pants!

2) Garrett Clayton in King Cobra — A former Disney star playing infamous gay porn actor Brent Corrigan in a raunchy biopic? Yes, yes, and yes. Teen Beach Movie’s Garrett Clayton shocked the world when he signed on to play Corrigan in the James Franco-produced King Cobra. The gorgeous actor does not disappoint! In addition to hot gay sex scenes with the likes of Christian Slater, he bares the bubble butt to beat, complete with Brent’s iconic star tattoo. We twink you’re going to like this movie.

1) Zac Efron in Dirty Grandpa — A-list heartthrob Zac Efron gave us a hard attack during his dick debut in Dirty Grandpa! Efron doesn’t quite get a handle on his handle while buck nude on the beach, flashing his Zac sack and schlong to the delight of audiences all over the world! Seeing another former Disney teen sensation like Efron’s ripped bod, hot tan line, sculpted ass, and perfect cock makes this a scene that will go down in Mr. Man jizztory!

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