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Big Brother boner bounce

Since absolutely nothing of interest is happening in the Big Brother 16 house this week, let’s catch up with one of last season’s houseguests. Oh, look! It David Girton from Big Brother 15 playing with his boner on the internet. Eat you heart out, Aaryn Gries! My God, what has he done with his hair. Now he looks even more like Lion-O.


Liam Magnuson skinny dipping

Hot guy sunbathing nude

It’s gay porn star Liam Magnuson enjoying an afternoon by the pool in sunny California. His cock gets rock hard, so he strips out of his trunks and goes for a skinny dip. See Liam in action with Ray Han in California Dreamin’ 2.


Max Michaels freeballing

Randy Blue hunk Max Michaels

Any crotch watch can tell Max Michaels is freeballing from the way his junk bounces around. But then he confirms it by pulling down his little, grey shorts to expose his plump cock.

photo source: Randy Blue


Rub him the right way

A horny dude rubbing his hard cock through his pants.

Sometimes you get that feeling…

photo source: I’m a hot dude.


Paddy O’Brian in Ibiza

Sexy swimsuit

Some sexy pin-ups of Paddy O’Brian lounging by the pool in (and out) of a sexy swimsuit. Glamour shots from Drill My Hole’s Men In Ibiza.

photo source: Drill My Hole


Prick teasing Mack Ross

Some tasty shots of dripping wet model Mack Ross showing some atomic VPL and cock root. He likes to get hard and naughty.

photo source: Temptation of Eve


Cody Calafiore butt ‘n’ bulge

Underwear model Cody Calafiore's jiggling ass in tight underwear. (Big Brother 16)

Here’s some of Cody Calafiore’s best bits from the Big Brother live feeds. See his naked ass and jiggling junk after the jump.

So what do you think of Cody so far?


Big Brother’s Cody Calafiore

It’s underwear model Cody Calafiore, the hottest new cast member of Big Brother 16 (U.S.), modeling C-IN2 undies and athletic gear. Hopefully he’s not a racist, homophobic douche like that other guy from this season. Fingers crossed. Oh, and there’s a video of him jamming his fingers up another dude’s ass, so turn on your Gaydar and let the speculation begin.