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Big Softie — Jon Vincent

Classic gay porn star Jon Vincent in leather gear

Friday flashback: Late leather daddy Jon Vincent in kinky boots.

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Hot shot — Mike Timber

Mike Timber

Friday Flashback: It’s classic Colt model Mike Timber bringing some square-jawed, stone-washed 1990s hotness. Somehow dad jeans look less dated when they’re unzipped.

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Hot shot — Dirk Angeles

Hung naked hunk Dirk Angeles

A Friday night flashback. Here’s the final set from my vintage Dirk Angeles collection. This timeless series was first published in Advocate Classifieds circa 1993-95. The hung Swedish hunk is ready for a heavenly fuck on white sheets and fluffy pillows.

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Gym buddies keepin’ it clean

A vintage homoerotic shot of two athletic hunks taking a shower at the gym.

photo source: Toploader


Mike Timber’s ready for bed

Vintage gay porn hunk Mike Timber

Here’s a Friday Flashback to ’90s porn hunk Mike Timber, who’s primarily known for doing solo videos and nude photo shoots for Colt Studios/Buckshot. See more of his pin-ups after the jump…


Big softie — Matt Gunther

Full frontal nude of gay porn star Matt Gunther

Friday flashback: ’90s porn star Matt Gunther, who by all accounts was a handful on the set in more ways than one.


Peter Romero keepin’ it clean

Butt naked centerfold model Peter Romero taking a bath.


Stable boy Billy

Gay porn star Billy Brandt (Falcon Studios)

Friday flashback: Gay porn star Billy Brandt, the blond bombshell from the early ’00s, as a randy ranch hand in Falcon’s Absolute Arid. See his full-sized pin-up gallery after the jump…

photo source: Falcon Studios


Oral fixation — Fitness goals!

Kevin Williams‘ personal trainer (Chad Douglas) keeps him motivated during an intense workout. (Falcon Studios; In Your Wildest Dreams)

Trying to get back in shape after the holidays? Don’t be afraid to celebrate your weight-loss success by rewarding yourself with the occasional low-calorie snack.

photo source: Falcon Studios; via That Gay GIF!


Big softie — Doug Perry

They don’t make ’em like this anymore. It’s vintage Colt model Doug Perry. Click to look at his full-size pin-up. Watch him in action in the Colt classic Legendary Bodies.

photo source: Colt Studio Group


Naked Cowboy is naked

So Naked Cowboy is still a thing. I discovered this yesterday morning while watching the news. Not being from New York, I just assumed the now 45-year-old attention whore had ridden off into the sunset. But no. Never assume.

Robert Burck — aka NYC’s very own “Naked Cowboy” — recently migrated from his usual perch in Times Square to the lobby of Donald J. Trump’s gold-plated eyesore, Trump Tower, where he can be seen with his trusty guitar in nothing but a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and underwear serenading Kellyanne Conway. The shameless street performer there to unironically celebrate the election of our new Cheeto-faced overlord by plastering Trump’s name on the seat of his trademark tighty whities. A fitting tribute actually.

If you’re familiar with Naked Cowboy’s shtick you probably know that he doesn’t quite live up to his name, but back in the day he did — by appearing as a nude centerfold model in adult publications such as Men Magazine and Playgirl. You can check out a sampling of his porno modeling after the jump…


Randy Spears penis peep

Male porn star Randy Spears in Straight to Bed. (Channel 1 Releasing)

With his ruggedly handsome features and athletic physique, Randy Spears was the antithesis of Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy. When he began his adult film career in the late 1980s, straight male porn stars could be average looking to downright ugly, but Randy Spears was one of the few exceptions to that rule.

In these promotional stills from the solo-only jack off video Straight to Bed Randy’s strategically ripped stonewashed jeans are giving us a peak at his peen. See more promo shots of Randy Spears lumber-jacking off after the jump…

photo source: C1R


Jeff Griggs’ gay porn past

TV actor Jeff Griggs in the gay porn movie Head Struck. (C1R)

These days Jeff Griggs is a blue-eyed silver fox who can occasionally be found on TV shows like NCIS, Criminal Minds, Shameless or the Amazon original Bosch — a series that also features James Ransone and Nicholas Gonzalez. But in the late ’80s and early ’90s this mainstream TV actor had a youthfully indiscreet career as a gay porn actor under the aliases Tony Erickson and Tony Sinatra.

After tabloids outed his gay porn past, he was allegedly fired from the daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives because a female co-star refused to perform love scenes with a “faggot.” But he continued to find work on such ’90s TV staples as Beverly Hills, 90210, Babylon 5 and Silk Stalkings. I’m especially fond of his memorable turn as a psychotic male stripper in the erotic crime thriller Breaking Point, which co-starred Gary Busey and a pre-Sex And the City Kim Cattrall.

In these stills from Catalina Video’s Head Struck, Griggs plays a homophobic hetero who forgets his sexual orientation because of amnesia. This leads to a whole lot of experimental cock sucking and butt fucking as he tries to figure out if he’s gay or straight. Sure, it could happen…

You can find some of his other XXX-rated “Tony Erickson” videos at Channel 1 Releasing.

photo source: C1R


How hot was Ryan Idol?

Gay porn star Ryan Idol in Trade Off. (C1R)

Friday flashback. Remember when Ryan Idol was still hot? No? Don’t take my word for it. Just check out these glamour shots from one of his earliest videos, the Jerry Douglas skin flick Trade Off — one of your artier porn videos.

He’s currently a hot mess doing a stretch at Valley State Prison for trying to murder his ex-girlfriend with a toilet tank lid, but back in the day he was just plain hot. At the height of his career this one-time Playgirl Man of the Month (February 1989) could allegedly demand $50,000 per movie. He was even hot enough to snag a few legit acting jobs after retiring from porn. (He made his Broadway debut in 2007 under his real name, Marc Anthony Donais, in a revival Terrence McNally’s The Ritz.)

But much like Boogie Nights, Paul Thomas Anderson’s chronicle of the Golden Age of Porn, things took a nasty turn in the third act. There was a drug fueled suicide attempt, a bizarre charity scandal, and the aforementioned domestic violence incident that put him behind bars.

photo source: C1R


The classic beauty of Leo Ford

Classic gay porn star Leo Ford

Leo Ford is best known as the first half of the 1980s gay porn duo Leo & Lance, but his notoriety — thanks largely to his stunning good looks — extended beyond the gay porn scene. There was an alleged Fire Island tryst with fashion mogul Calvin Klein as well as a supposed romantic relationship with cult movie icon Divine. The platinum blond porn stud was also rumored to be the nude cover model on The Smiths’ Hand In Glove. (Almost certainly not true.) Unfortunately, Leo went the way of James Dean. (“Live fast, die young and have a good-looking corpse!”) He died in 1991 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident on Sunset Boulevard.

photo source: C1R


Ray Dragon big ‘n’ stiff

Ray Dragon full frontal nude

Another side of classic gay porn star Ray Dragon.

photo source: Colt Studio Group


A few of my favorite things…

Ray Dragon rear nude

Here’s a flashback Friday hot shot of classic Colt model Ray Dragon presenting his butt, balls and boner. Sadly, Colt doesn’t make them like this anymore…

photo source: Colt Studio Group


Hot shot — A view from the top

A sweet assed naked hunk relaxing in a swimming pool.


Burt Reynolds outtake

Burt Reynolds Cosmo centerfold

Back in 1972 Burt Reynolds met Helen Gurley Brown, the late editor of Cosmopolitan, on the set of a late night talk show. She talked him into posing nude for her magazine, and since the ’70s were a wild and crazy time for Burt, he agreed as sort of a joke. The result was an iconic, trailblazing and oft imitated photo. But there’s one shot from this legendary shoot that you weren’t supposed to see. Take a look after the jump…


Hot shot — Ready for a shag

Hot naked vintage man with a shapely bubble butt.

Some sweet vintage ’70s ass.

photo credit: Voyeur From Oz


Hot shot — The cowboy way

Classic Colt model John Pruitt as a rock hard naked cowboy. (Colt Studio Group)

Classic Colt model John Pruitt doing it the cowboy way.


To the ButtMobile!

Kristian Brooks in Hotter Than Life (All Worlds Video)

This picture reminds me of the mad crush I used to have on Burt Ward from the Adam West Batman series. I’d watch that show everyday religiously right after school. Those little green briefs from the classic Robin costume started my lifelong fascination with male bulges. And I would’ve given anything to see what he was hiding around back, under that bright yellow cape.

This is a glamour shot of the late gay porn star Kristian Brooks from the superhero themed porn parody Hotter Than Life.

photo source: Channel 1 Releasing


Kevin Williams’ butt, balls & boner

Sexy spread butt cheeks

Here’s a lewd pin-up of classic ’80s porn star Kevin Williams to get your motor humming. Vroom vroom! This tasty twink was one vintage piece of ass back in the day. Click to enlarge.


Babe Tiger’s nuts ‘n’ butt

Vintage naked male model Babe Tiger. (Colt Studio Group)

Some vintage ’70s man meat courtesy of Colt Studios Group. His named is Babe Tiger, and he was one hot piece of ass. He’s got a sexy tan line and some low hangers.