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Colby Melvin’s cute butt

Nude male model Colby Melvin has a nice ass

Model Colby Melvin caught without underwear.

photo source: Men age 30


Cody Calafiore butt ‘n’ bulge

Underwear model Cody Calafiore's jiggling ass in tight underwear. (Big Brother 16)

Here’s some of Cody Calafiore’s best bits from the Big Brother live feeds. See his naked ass and jiggling junk after the jump.

So what do you think of Cody so far?


Prick tease — Shawn Abir

Persian pretty boy Shawn Abir in bulging undies. It’s like Shawn is what would happen if Angelina Jolie OD’d on male hormones.

photo source: Randy Blue


Big Brother’s Cody Calafiore

It’s underwear model Cody Calafiore, the hottest new cast member of Big Brother 16 (U.S.), modeling C-IN2 undies and athletic gear. Hopefully he’s not a racist, homophobic douche like that other guy from this season. Fingers crossed. Oh, and there’s a video of him jamming his fingers up another dude’s ass, so turn on your Gaydar and let the speculation begin.