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Peachy keen — Wesley Woods

Wesley Woods St. Paddy's bubble butt.

Wesley Woods baring his lucky charms for St. Patrick’s Day. Should we kiss it because he’s Irish or pinch it because technically he’s not wearing green?

Look for Wesley in his latest scene where he hooks up with Josh Moore in Hungry For Moore.

photo source: Twitter


Peachy keen — Alam Wernik

Alam Wernick's juicy peach. Butt naked in nothing but socks!

You want some of this? Well, you’ll be getting a lot more of this juicy peach soon, because Instragram hottie Alam Wernik recently signed as a Falcon Exclusive.

photo source: Twitter


RIP — Billy Herrington

Billy Herrington (Colt Studio Group)

Well, this is terrible. Gay porn star Billy Herrington, 48, died after sustaining injuries in a car accident over the weekend. The bad news was first acknowledged by director Chi Chi LaRue via Twitter and later confirmed by Herrington’s mother in a Facebook post. Herrington began his adult video career in the late ’90s and then shot to international notoriety a decade later when he became an internet meme affectionately known as Aniki, which means “Big Brother” in Japanese. See an example of one of his Gachimuchi memes after the jump…

photo source: Colt Studio Group


Peachy keen — Helmut Huxley

Helmut Huxley's peachy butt

Here’s a butt naked Helmut Huxley, looking like an absolute prince, trying to charm the pants off his fans in a sexy selfie. With his humpy rump exposed he tweets, “RT if you think I should turn around! 😜🙈”

You can watch Helmut hook up with his distant cousin Kieran Benning in his latest scene from Bel Ami’s “Jambo Africa” series.

photo source: Twitter


Peachy keen — Turk Mason

Butt naked gay porn star Turk Mason

Ain’t that a peach! Classic. Turk Mason, a gay porn star now retired, going bottomless to show off his perfect bubble butt.

photo source: ExcellentMen


The astonishing Colby Melvin

We’ve already established that underwear model Colby Melvin an ample amount of, er, charm. Not that we needed more proof, but here’s another ass-tonishing pic of the self-described southern gentleman.

photo credit: theOtterj; via Twitter


Public Lewdness — Roller butt

Hot naked guy on rollerskates rolling down the road.

I will follow him. Follow him wherever he may go…

photo source: ExcellentMen


Colby Melvin’s bubbles ‘n’ butt

Male model Colby Melvin's cute naked butt

Adorable underwear model Colby Melvin literally has a bubble butt. Happy Hump Day, y’all!

photo credit: Justin Monroe; via Twitter


Peachy keen — Strapping hunk

Strappy naked ass

Damn! This butt naked hunk is strapped and ready for action.

photo source: Men are beautiful


Peachy keen — Feliz Navidad!

Hot naked guy by the Christmas tree!

It looks like somebody is going to have himself a merry little Christmas…

photo source: Twitter


Hot shot — Just peachy

Sexy hunk squeezing his juicy bubble butt into tight jeans

Is he putting them on or taking them off? Does it matter? One thing seems clear. This bubble butted hunk can barely fit that juicy peach into those tight jeans.

photo source: GAYROTIX