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It’s not gonna suck itself!

Kevin Crows & Kyle Quinn (Next Door Studios)

Kevin Crows (aka straight male porn star Billy Hart) orders a massage from room service, but he’s not in the mood for a rub down. He just wants to get his dick sucked. Fortunately Kyle Quinn has sucked a cock or two in his spare time, and he’s happy to be of service. Scroll through their hardcore blowjob gallery after the jump…

photo source: Next Door Studios


Oral fixation — Alex blows Austin

Alex Gray gives Austin Carter a blowjob. (Falcon Studios)

Cute little cocksucker Alex Gray drops to his knees to enjoy the salty-sweet taste of Austin Carter dick meat in this oral-only blowjob scene from Falcon’s HOOK’D.

photo source: Falcon Studios


Oral fixation — Jacob blows Jack

Hunky Jacob Durham giving horsehung Jack Hunter a blowjob in 'Meet the Fuck Buddies' (Next Door Studios)

Jacob Durham enjoying the taste of Jack Hunter‘s big dick in Meet the Fuck Buddies.


Oral Fixation — Will blows Jimmy

Jimmy Durano & Will Wikle (CockyBoys)

After their day at the beach, Jimmy Durano and Will Wikle take it to the next level with a little oral foreplay.

photo source: CockyBoys


Oral fixation — Dustin loves dick

Dustin Holloway & Paul Canon (Falcon Studios)

Dustin Holloway gives Paul Canon a hot tub blowjob before they fuck in Falcon’s Wild Weekend. See the rest of their blowjob pics after the jump…

photo source: Falcon Studios


Oral fixation — Will blows Colby

Will Wikle sucks off Colby Keller (CockyBoys)

Will Wikle clearly enjoying the taste of Colby Keller‘s cock in The Stillest Hour: Part Two. Scroll through this blowjob gallery to see the former Big Brother contestant sucking dick after the jump…

photo source: CockyBoys


Oral fixation — Fitness goals!

Kevin Williams‘ personal trainer (Chad Douglas) keeps him motivated during an intense workout. (Falcon Studios; In Your Wildest Dreams)

Trying to get back in shape after the holidays? Don’t be afraid to celebrate your weight-loss success by rewarding yourself with the occasional low-calorie snack.

photo source: Falcon Studios; via That Gay GIF!


Oral fixation — Lars blows Kevin

Lars Norgaard & Kevin Warhol (

Because any day is a good day to watch beautiful, big-dicked Bel Ami boys giving each other blowjobs. Lars Norgaard goes down on Kevin Warhol, and then Kevin happily returns the favor. Scroll through their hardcore oral sex gallery after the jump…


Brandon sucks off Sebastian

Brandon Moore & Sebastian Kross (Falcon Studios)

“Returning to the cabin from a day on the slopes, Brandon Moore tells Sebastian Kross he needs to work out. Sensing an opportunity, Kross tantalizingly unzips his pants. Saying he’s too horny to be seen at the gym, he displays a hard on to prove it. What’s a guy to do with a big fat dick bobbing only inches from his lips? Brandon grabs hold of it and sucks. He swivels his neck and Sebastian charms him with the movement of his hips. Clothes come off piece by piece. Brandon’s got a swimmers build and is lightly furry; Sebastian’s gymnast body was sculpted by some higher power. He returns the blow job, jacking up the sexual heat with some rimming. He’s a class ‘A’ ass-eater, and he passionately probes Brandon’s manhole with his tongue and a thumb between reciprocal bouts of cock sucking. Brandon’s mouth works its magic to bring Sebastian to orgasm, and he swallows every drop while loudly spraying his own load across his ridged and furry abs.” — Falcon Studios


Oral fixation — Justin & Blake

Justin Owen licking Blake Mitchell's big dick. (Helix Studios)

Justin Owen sucks Blake Mitchell‘s big uncut dick, and Blake is happy to return the favor in Helix Studios’ Fair Game. Scroll through their hardcore blowjob gallery after the jump…

photo source: Helix Studios


Luke wants to get Adam’s vote!

Luke Adams blows Adam Ramzi in Cauke for President. (Titan Men)

Luke Adams is a devoted campaign volunteer who’s going door to door to get out the vote. He’s going to get souls to the polls even if it means taking some poles in his holes. When Adam Ramzi comes to the door in nothing but a towel, Luke drops to his knees and starts sucking his cock.

photo source: Titan Men


A Westworld actor’s real blowjob

Last year Deadline triggered a minor show business scandal after it reported on a controversial consent form given to bit players on the set of HBO’s Westworld. The contract seemed to require mandatory participation in scenes featuring “graphic sexual situations” involving “genital-to-genital touching” and “simulated oral sex with hand-to-genital touching.” The contract also specified that background actors might be required to “pose on all fours” and “contort to form a table-like shape while being fully nude.”

The series, based on a Michael Crichton thriller about a theme park where rampaging dinosaurs robot cowboys run amok, features copious amounts of full frontal nudity as well-heeled patrons use and abuse lifelike androids while acting out their most depraved Wild West fantasies. Representatives from the screen actors guild worried that the potentially coercive contract might lead to the sexual exploitation of vulnerable neophyte actors. But at least one background actor didn’t have a problem with any of those things, because he’s done it all before — and then some!

In this scene from the sexually explicit drama Now & Later actor Keller Wortham gets a rooftop blowjob from his female co-star. Later on he gets fully nude as well as fully erect and — while kneeling on all fours forming a table-like shape — performs cunnilingus during a 69. This un-simulated oral sex scene climaxes with a literal climax as he spills his semen on his co-star’s chest.

Wortham was credited as one of the “bachelors” on the series premiere of HBO’s phenomenal western-themed sci-fi series. (I think he was the naked guy seen through a mirror fucking a robot prostitute during a brothel scene.) This hardcore footage comes from an independent film released in 2009. More recently he’s been getting mainstream TV work, such as a recurring role on the CW comedy Jane the Virgin. Jane might still be a virgin, but Keller Wortham is definitely not.

See his uncensored blowjob video and gallery after the jump…


Oral fixation — Brazilian blowjob

photo source: Lucas Kazan


Oral fixation — Tommy & Brandon

Tommy Hansen gives Brandon Manilow a blowjob in a hot tub. (Greek Holiday; Bel Ami Online)

These snap shots from the porn neo-classic Greek Holiday tell the story of how bisexual porn star Tommy Hansen (aka Filip Trojovský from the Czech edition of Big Brother) ditched his boyfriend Tim Hamilton at the beach so he could hook up with Bel Ami boy-toy Brandon Manilow. Back at the house Tommy and Brandon take turns swapping blowjobs in the hot tub.

photo source: Bel Ami Online


Oral fixation — Donny blows Joey


Oral Fixation — Just the tip

Scruffy dude licking the tip of his buddy's big dick.

photo source: Hairy & Erect


Fluffing before fucking

Blake Mitchell, Logan Cross & Justin Owen sucking dick in Ready For My 3-Way. (Helix Studios)

Justin Owen, Blake Mitchell, and Logan Cross get ready for their big scene by engaging in a little oral foreplay in the dressing room. After they take turns sucking each other off, they’re ready to film their threesome in Helix Studios’ Ready For My 3-Way.

photo source: Helix Studios


Killian James sucks and swallows

Killian James sucks Addison Graham's dick and swallows his cum in Heated. (Falcon Studios)

Killian James is one cum-hungry cocksucker. When he goes down on Addison Graham, he sucks his dick until he busts in his mouth, and then Killian swallows his load in this oral only blowjob scene from Falcon’s Heated.

photo source: Falcon Studios, via


Paddy O’Brian sucks another cock

Paddy O'Brian giving Johnny Rapid a blowjob. (Drill My Hole)

For the first time ever, Men Exclusive Johnny Rapid gets paired off with porn superstar Paddy O’Brian. And for the second time ever Paddy sucks a cock. He got his first taste of manmeat when he went down on Connor Maguire in a Game of Thrones porn parody. This time Paddy gives Johnny a blowjob before drilling his hole.

photo source: Drill My Hole


An obedient cocksucker

Masculine hunk sucking a big fat cock. Hot gay blowjob!

photo source: Men are beautiful


Money shot — Garrett gets goo

Garrett Cooper lets Max Penn cum on his face!

Max Penn gives Garrett Cooper a facial in Prom Virgins.


Oral fixation — Getting some head

Suggestive shot of a dude getting a blowjob from another dude.

Cocksucker on his knees sucking off another dude.

photo source: legit bo$$


Oral fixation — Dustin sucks

Handsome cocksucker Dustin Holloway gives Pierre Fitch a hot blowjob.

Don’t you love it when he looks right at you while he’s sucking your cock? Dustin Holloway gives Pierre Fitch an enthusiastic blowjob in Men In Canada.


Shiloh’s sloppy blowjob

Shiloh services Prentice (Chaos Men)

A closer look at Shiloh giving Prentice a sloppy blowjob. This cute white boy sucks a big, black bodybuilder’s cock until his face is covered in spit and cum.

photo source: Chaos Men