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Public lewdness — Stick shift

Hot naked guy driving with a cock out.

Gotta love a man who can drive a stick shift. He’s so well endowed it looks like he could steer the car with his pretty cock.

photo source: SELECT MEATS


Hot shot — Feliz Navidad!

Hot naked guy by the Christmas tree!

It looks like somebody is going to have himself a merry little Christmas…

photo source: Twitter


Hot shot — Just peachy

Sexy hunk squeezing his juicy bubble butt into tight jeans

Is he putting them on or taking them off? Does it matter? One thing seems clear. This bubble butted hunk can barely fit that juicy peach into those tight jeans.

photo source: GAYROTIX


Big softie — A side of beef

A sexy side nude of a hot naked dude. Given his build and the speedo tan line, I think it’s fair to say this is probably what your favorite Olympic swimmer looks like when he’s naked. Let your imagination run wild.

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The free-balling hula-hooper

Mi bebé 🐉

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I am totally dick-matized by the free-balling hula-hooper. I could literally watch his apparently gigantic cock flop around in his baggy shorts all day if this video was stuck on auto-repeat.

h/t: Dlisted


Boner buddies — Feelin’ tipsy

Two hard cocks pressing against each other.

photo source: Sexy men for you


Hot shot — Let’s play ball!

Sexy semi-nude baseball player.

photo source: jockboynextdoor


Beach butt buddies

Four naked bubble butted hunks bonding at the beach.

There must be a story here. Clearly the first three have something going on. I just hope the cutie on the end isn’t the fifth wheel in this foursome.


Hot shot — Silky smooth stud

Naked hunk, cute butt.

A gorgeous naked hunk with a sweet ass and smooth skin.

photo source: meniwouldbottomfor


Hot shot — Peekaboo, I see you!

An epic dick slip.

A well endowed manspreader with his monster cock head poking out of his shorts.

photo source: Boy Bods


Big softie — Freedooooom!!!

A Scottish hunk going commando.

A cute Scottish hunk lifts up his kilt to show off his big dick.

photo source: Hot Boys de Yosua!!!


Hot shot — Let’s flip for it!

A cute naked bubble & two big dicks.

Two big hard cocks ready to plow a cute little ass.

photo source: WVilldog


The star-spangled man with a plan

An athletic naked hunk rollerskating in a painted on Captain America uniform at a gay pride parade in Seattle 2012.

This naked hunk went rollerskating in a painted-on Captain America costume during a gay pride parade. You won’t believe what happens next…


Smells like peen spirit

A hung cocksucker going down on his big dicked buddy.

photo source: gay blowjobs


Gym buddies keepin’ it clean

A vintage homoerotic shot of two athletic hunks taking a shower at the gym.

photo source: Toploader


Hot shot — His shiny round ass

Erotic rear nude of an athletic hunk with a perfect bubble butt.

photo credit: SOKKERJOK


Public lewdness — Full exposure

Full frontal nude of a hot guy with a big uncut dick totally naked in public.

photo credit: Men Lover Love


Hot shot — Relaxed & fit

Gorgeous male model in bulging Calvin Klein tighty whities.

photo credit: UndieDude


Hot shot — Butt, balls ‘n’ boner

A muscular naked hunk laying face down in bed presenting his luscious bubble butt, taint, balls and hard cock.

Where to begin?

photo source: Du Pur Bonheur


Hot shot — Not enough speedo

A hairy hunks hard cock can't fit inside his tiny speedo.

photo source: itexcitesme


Soapy selfie stud keepin’ it clean

A soapy chiseled muscular hunk with a perfect body and a big dick takes a nude shower selfie.

photo source: oh⧫like⧫wow!


Big softie — No true Scotsman…

Indecent exposure looking up the kilt of a hung and hunky Scotsman.

photo source: My Epic Men


Did somebody call a cock-tor?

Lewd photo of a horsehung doctor exposing himself.

photo credit: freeballinglbc


Hot naked blond boy butt

A naked bubble butted blong hunk looking out the window.

photo source: analogue bubble butt