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“Loving Kris with Miguel Estevez”

Kris Evan & Miguel Estevez (Bel Ami Online)

“We’re going All-Hungarian today when Kris Evans gets together with newcomer, Miguel Estevez. Prior to this month, you have only seen Miguel in solo scenes (and one blowjob with Julien Hussey) but he makes his hardcore debut on both BelAmiOnline and Freshmen this month, with more coming next month and over the summer.

For those of you who don’t follow our comments on the boys intently, today’s scene opening is typical of Kris, both in the fact that he is walking around the apartment naked, and in the fact that he is trying to convince Miguel not to waste money.

When it comes to cash, Kris may be a saver, but when it comes to sex, he is definitely a very generous giver, and it seems Miguel is happy to accept everything with pleasure.” — Bel Ami Online


Hung & handsome Miguel Estevez

Naked porn hunk Miguel Estevez (Bel Ami Online)

Check out handsome, Hispanic-looking Hungarian Miguel Estevez as he relaxes in the living room. He’s got one of those cocks that look impressive whether it’s hard or soft. See the rest of his nude photo series after the jump…

photo source: Bel Ami Online