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Mr. Man Minute 6/24/2016

Naked Matthew McConaughey is more than “Alright!”

video source: Mr. Man


Which actor has the best butt?

There’s nothing gratuitous about any of these male nude scenes. Nope, not at all. These actors get naked for their art because the plot requires it.

See, we have to watch Christian Bale exfoliate in the shower, or else we could never fully appreciate the extent of his vanity and metrosexuality. And if we didn’t see Daniel Craig‘s bare assed shower scene in Flashbacks of a Fool, we might assume he’s a broken down drunk rather than a functioning alcoholic. How else could we know Mel Gibson is completely cray-cray unless he’s stripped down to nothing but his insane ’80s mullet in Lethal Weapon? And since movies are about showing, not telling, we have to see Matthew McConaughey rolling around onstage in a thong with spread butt cheeks to fully appreciate his character’s talents as an exotic dancer. Did you know they had to CGI McConaughey’s butthole out of the shot? That’s how revealing his naked striptease was.

Check out this parade of perky male celebrity posteriors and vote for your favorite. My money’s on the lingering closeup of Antonio Banderas‘ Hispanic hiney.


Mentally undress Magic Mike

Magic Mike full frontal nudes (fake)

Warner Bros. just released the first trailer to the Magic Mike sequel, and most of the original cast (minus Alex Pettyfer and newly anointed Academy Award-winner Matthew McConaughey) is set to return. I guess Channing Tatum‘s titular character got tired of building furniture or whatever.

Confession: I have this on Blu-ray but still haven’t watched it all the way through. What’s it about anyway? Besides male strippers? I really don’t give a shit about the plot. I just want to see Matt Bomer top his Ken Doll routine from the first movie. Could also do with a lot more of the future Mr. Vergara Joe Manganiello — especially after that penis pump scene.

Watch the trailer for Magic Mike XXL after the jump…


Matthew McConaughey nude

Matthew McConaughey will always be a “stoned,” cold fox to me — the kind of guy who likes to get butt naked while high as a kite. Who wouldn’t want to spark up and blow on his didgeridoo? From the 2008 comedy Surfer, Dude.

video source: Mr. Man