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Juanjo feeling hot

Juanjo Feeling Hot (MaleModel)

Male model Juanjo’s looking lanky in latex. Scroll through his full-size pin-up gallery after the jump…

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Hot shot — Juanjo in brief

Juanjo's bulge (MaleModel)

Male model Juanjo in bulging briefs. Click for his full-size pin-up.

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Maarten Ro hot ‘n’ bothered

Maarten Ro (MaleModel)

Somebody turned up the heat and now model Maarten Ro is soaking wet. His wet t-shirt clings to his body. And what’s that? Looks like a boner peaking out of his shorts. Scroll through his sexy erotic pin-up gallery after the jump…

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Hot shot — Juanjo’s got a boner

Juanjo's got a boner (MaleModel)

Juanjo, a lusty little stud, is pitching a tent in his grey sweatpants.

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Hot shot — Alex W.

Alex W. (All American Guys)

Meet Alex W., a hunky Texan who likes fishing and spending time with his family. His favorite body part is his legs, but right now I’m admiring something else. See more of his sexy beefcake photos after the jump…

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Hot shot — Stars ‘n’ stripes

Hunky male model Kevin McDaid.

Hunky male model Kevin McDaid showing off his bulge in a patriotic star-spangled thong. However, while I’m sure his heart is in the right place, this is clearly a violation of the United States Flag Code.


Big Softie — Eric Zientek

Full frontal nude of handsome Playgirl centerfold Eric Zientek.

Playgirl centerfold Eric Zientek isn’t even hard, but he’s still huge. Definitely a show-er, not a grower.


Peachy keen — Silky smooth stud

Naked hunk, cute butt.

A gorgeous naked hunk with a sweet ass and smooth skin.

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Hot shot — Atlas scrubbed

Male model Quinn Biddle taking a bath. (All American Guys)

Tattooed hottie Quinn Biddle keepin’ it clean.

photo source: Michael Downs @ All American Guys; via Excellent Top Gay Blog


Hot shot — His shiny round ass

Erotic rear nude of an athletic hunk with a perfect bubble butt.

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Hot shot — Relaxed & fit

Gorgeous male model in bulging Calvin Klein tighty whities.

photo credit: UndieDude


Hot shot — Andrew James Bliek

Male model Andrew James Bliek by Rey Romero

Thinking naughty thoughts…

photo credit: Rey Romero; via Quando2


Big softie — Trevor Adams

Full frontal nude of horsehung male model Trevor Adams and his gigantic penis.

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I pledge allegiance…

Full frontal nude of gorgeous male model Jay Parks (Temptation of Eve)

photo source: Temptation of Eve


Sasha Zhirmont’s banana hammock

Gorgeous hunky male model (Sasha Zhirmont) in a speedo with a visible penis line.

photo credit: Sasha Kosmos via Sprinkles Are For Winners


Hot shot — Lukasz Bialach

A sexy semi-nude of model Lukasz Bialach.

photo credit: Krzysztof Wyzynski via my alter-ego needs an alter-ego


Michael H. keepin’ it clean

Male model Michael H. taking a shower in his underwear. (All American Guys)

“The super sexy and built Michael H. is a native of South Florida, born and raised. He enjoys lifting weights and is working on getting known in the fitness modeling circuit as a physique competitor. Michael breeds dogs and also enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing. Check out All American Guys for lots of video footage of the not-shy muscle hunk.” — All American Guys

photo source: Michael Downs @ All American Guys; via Excellent Top Gay Blog


Hot shot — One man in a tub

A sexy hunk with six-pack abs taking a bubble bath!

Wish I could rub his dub-dub…

photo source: Live With Passion


Resistance is beautiful!

Arad in Greek Massage (Next Door Studios)

Arad Winwin is five feet and nine inches of Persian perfection. If you haven’t guessed by his exotic name and stunning looks, Arad is an Iranian refugee. And that means if our newly elected Orange Julius Caesar could have his way, this Andrew Christian Trophy Boy could be banned in the USA with the stroke of a pen. Enjoy him while you can. Scroll through his sexy pin-up gallery from Next Door Studios’ Greek Massage after the jump…

photo source: Next Door Studios


Hot shot — Wolfpack 13

A hunky locker room jock with bare naked butt cheeks!

photo source: The Wolfpack; via Luke Austin


Hot shot — Stevan Reyes

Tasteful erotic nude of model Stevan Reyes!


Taylor Shift’s got an amazing ass!

Taylor Shift's perfect naked bubble butt. (GayHoopla)

“Wow! Gayhoopla starts off 2017 with one of the hottest guys you will see this year in all of gay porn. Taylor Shift has one of the most amazing bodies ever and claims to have only worked for it 6 months. His smile is also to die for making our hearts instantly melt. His butt is also one of our favorite things just poking out of his tight shorts.” — GayHoopla

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Top 3 Full Frontal Scenes of 2016

“At number three, Dominic Allburn is all muscle (and all dick and balls) when he goes fabulously full frontal in The Model! The second best frontal scene of the year belongs to hairy hottie Richard Short on Vinyl, and finally, it’s Rob Callender’s epic frontal close-up on Game of Thrones!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man


Jay Parks teasin’ ‘n’ pleasin’

Nude male model Jay Parks (Temptation of Eve)

Jay Parks begins in the bathroom, in nothing but his Calvin Klein boxer brief — pushing the waistband down, exposing some hip. He goes just a little further, showing pubes and the root of his cock. He turns — still sliding his undies down — offering an unobstructed view of his firm, round ass. Then he faces us again — halfway (indecently) exposed.

photo source: Temptation of Eve