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Gil London washing his car

Gil London washing his car in wet underwear. (Playgirl)

Just a hot guy washing his car. In skintight white underwear. It’s classic male centerfold Gil London, Playgirl magazine’s Man of the Month for August 1997, the controversial Brad Pitt issue. He’s obviously hiding a nice ass under those soaking wet undies. See what else he’s hiding after the jump…

photo source: Playgirl Online


Hot shot — Diego’s bulge ‘n’ butt

Diego Miguel's big bulge & cute butt

Model Diego Miguel’s got it going on up front and around back.


Brian Buzzini’s vintage boner

Rock hard nude male centerfold model

Here’s a rare boner shot of classic male centerfold Brian Buzzini from a 30-year-old print edition of Playgirl magazine.

photo source: Playgirl Online


Billy Reilich’s naked bubble butt

Billy Reilich (aka Ellen's Gardener) naked in Paper Mag.

Billy Reilich (aka Nick the Gardener from The Ellen DeGeneres Show) needs to put on some pants and finish raking the damn yard. That ass though! Billy bares his backside for Gigi Gorgeous in a sexy send-up of romance novel covers during a campy Paper Mag photo shoot.

photo credit: JUCO, Paper Mag


Hot shot — Hard water

Hot wet hunk with a hard-on in his swimsuit.

A hot, wet hunk with a big, fat speedo boner.


Hot shot — Crack addiction

A perfect bubble butt framed by a hot jockstrap.

A hot guy showing off his sexy bum.

photo source: Running Ampent Pup


Big softie — Superfluous pants

A horsehung hunk getting naked. (Temptation of Eve)

This exceptionally well hung male model has just realized his photos would have a stronger impact if he wasn’t wearing pants. See every inch of his extremely long penis after the jump…

photo source: Temptation of Eve


Hot shot — Sploosh!

Two hunks with cute butts showing a little ass at the beach.

Is this a circle jerk or are the pissing in the ocean? Either way, sploosh!

photo source: Loving Male Models


Hot shot — Cute butt, little speedo

Hunky male model in a sexy swimsuit.

Hunky male model with a perfect ass in a tight little speedo.

photo source: Aronik Swimwear


Babe Tiger’s nuts ‘n’ butt

Vintage naked male model Babe Tiger. (Colt Studio Group)

Some vintage ’70s man meat courtesy of Colt Studios Group. His named is Babe Tiger, and he was one hot piece of ass. He’s got a sexy tan line and some low hangers.


Renan Rosiak showing VPL

Model Renan Rosiak showing visible penis line in sexy boxer briefs.

Renan Rosiak makes my mouth water.

photo credit: Hot Guy Chat


Hot shot — Sexual frustration

Erotic shot of a naked male models with a rock hard cock.

This poor guy just needs to relax.

photo credit: This is gonna be hot!


Hot shot — Kneeling ‘n’ naked

Naked DNA Man

What do you call a hot naked guy on his knees? A good start.

photo credit: DNA Magazine


Damon Danilo’s dick slip

Bodybuilder Damon Danilo (Mark Wolff)

Hunky fitness model Damon Danilo is too big for his curiously named Go Softwear undies. See the rest of his perfect body — especially his thick cock and luscious bubble butt — after the jump…

photo source: Mark Wolff


Hot shot — Jonas Sulzbach

Male model has a good sized bulge in his sexy swimsuit at the beach.

Jonas Sulzbach — a drop dead gorgeous model and contestant on Big Brother (Brazil) — is packing some heat in sexy swim trunks at the beach. A while back Jonas shared his gift with the rest of the world when he accidentally leaked a sex tape.

photo credit: Man Appreciation


Hot shot — Lick it up

Hunky male models in bulging long johns.

Want a taste of this lickable hunk?

photo credit: Salvador Pozo, via Schlongalicious


Ryan Barry butt naked in the pool

Male model Ryan Barry goes skinny dipping

Hunky male model Ryan Barry going buck ass nude in a swimming pool.

photo credit: Dylan Rosser


Hot shot — Toweling off

Semi-nude Logan  Swiecki-Taylor (Rufskin Summer Burbujas De Deseo)

Model Logan Swiecki-Taylor is nearly naked. You may have seen him before without the towel at Temptation of Eve.

photo source: Rufskin


Prince Albert in a sarong

A hot guy with a cock piercing in a sheer sarong.

You can see his pierced penis through his sheer sarong.

video source: N2XY


Hot shot — Dan Rockwell

Model Dan Rockwell playing football in a speedo at the beach.

Model Dan Rockwell at the beach playing with his ball in his yellow Aronik banana hammock.

photo source: Aronik Swimwear


Hot shot — Diego Arnary

Model Diego Arnary has a sexy speedo bulge.

Male model Diego Arnary and his sexy speedo bulge.

photo source: My Lalala Universe


Hot shot — Derrick Davenport

Derrick Davenport

Playgirl centerfold Derrick Davenport giving you the side-eye, because he knows you’re thinking impure thoughts.

photo source: Playgirl Online


Hot shot — Red hot hunk

A handsome, bubble butted male models in a swimsuit at the beach.

A hot hunk with a juicy caboose at the beach.

photo source: Aronik Swimwear


Hump day — Hump ‘n’ grind

Two sexy naked men making love.

Two naked amorous hunks press the flesh.

photo source: pointgays