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Jake Gyllenhaal nude

Sexy promotional shot of Jake Gyllenhaal from Love & Other Drugs

So maybe you’ve heard Jake Gyllenhaal is ruining his looks for a movie role. I smell an Oscar! Hey, it worked for Matthew McConaughey. Let’s pause for a minute to mourn the loss of his hotness by remembering Jake whoring himself out for the movie Love & Other Drugs.


Jake Gyllenhaal cuppin’ his junk

A Jake Gyllenhaal nude scene from the 2010 comedy-drama Love & Other Drugs. He gets caught with no clothes on. How embarrassing! There must be some unwritten rule that says anytime he stars in a movie alongside Anne Hathaway, Jake has to show his ass and she has to show her tits. (see also: Brokeback Mountain)

video source: Mr. Man