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Howard tops Joey

Joey & Howard: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Howard couldn’t get enough ass, so he’s back to take Joey’s big butt… and my, oh my has it grown!

He kept sneaking a few peeks at Joey’s ass throughout the day, and was so distracted by it he couldn’t think straight.

‘I’ve been doing my squats!’ Joey explained how his ass got bigger and better.

‘Joey’s awesome… but I’m a little distracted and bias because of the ass.’ Howard couldn’t get enough of it!” — Sean Cody

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Public lewdness — Kellin & Joey

Kellin & Joey (Sean Cody)

Cute Sean Cody hunks Kellin & Joey at the beach mooning the cameraman.

photo source: Sean Cody


Butt Buddies — Joey & Atticus

Naked bubble butted hunks Joey & Atticus. (Sean Cody)

Butt buddies Joey and Atticus enjoying nature in all its glory.

photo source: Sean Cody


Oral fixation — Donny blows Joey


4Play — Tanner & Joey

Tanner & Joey (Sean Cody)

During their foreplay flirtation, Tanner and Joey get rock hard and touch tips.

photo source: Sean Cody