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Jason feeling hot

Jason feeling hot showing VPL in his tight underwear (MaleModel NL).

Jason (aka Adam Coussins) looking restless in his way too tight underwear. Check out his full-size pin-up gallery after the jump…

photo source: MaleModel NL


Mentally undress Jack Donnelly

Full frontal nude (fake)

An inspired full frontal fantasy nude of Atlantis star Jack Donnelly. It’s too bad this show is on BBC America instead of HBO or FX, because we would’ve at least seen his ass by now. They keep teasing us by getting him naked, but since BBCA’s Supernatural Saturdays are family friendly, they always hide his naughty bits with some Austin Powers-style cock blocking. In the series premiere his character washed up on a beach without any clothes on. This is what we might’ve seen if those scenes weren’t so carefully framed.

photo source: chewableprose