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Happy Birthday James Van Der Beek!

James Van Der Beek in a tank top & suspenders.

James Van Der Beek (or JVDB as we like to call him) turns 42 today… and we want to know, does that make him a Daddy? Is the former teen heartthrob now a Daddy? Based on some of these photos he sure looks like it.


Ian Somerhalder’s explicit scene

I had a mad crush on Ian Somerhalder, so I was super pissed when Lost killed off Boone. However, the blow was softened a bit because his next TV project was the short-lived HBO series Tell Me You Love Me — a series that pushed the envelope with its ultra-realistic, explicit (albeit simulated) sex scenes. That included a graphic scene where Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation & Hot Tub Time Machine 2) was on the receiving end of a handjob that ends with a cum shot and this scene, where we’re treated to a lingering shot of Ian Somerhalder’s undulating ass with just a glimpse of peen. Hope that’s not a prosthetic penis.

video source: Mr. Man