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Paddy O’Brian sucks another cock

Paddy O'Brian giving Johnny Rapid a blowjob. (Drill My Hole)

For the first time ever, Men Exclusive Johnny Rapid gets paired off with porn superstar Paddy O’Brian. And for the second time ever Paddy sucks a cock. He got his first taste of manmeat when he went down on Connor Maguire in a Game of Thrones porn parody. This time Paddy gives Johnny a blowjob before drilling his hole.

photo source: Drill My Hole


Hot shot — A view from the top

A sweet assed naked hunk relaxing in a swimming pool.


Mr. Man Minute 8/19/2016

See Bradley Cooper’s Insanely Gorgeous Ass.

video source: Mr. Man


Men kissing — Ryan & Gabriel

Gay porn stars Ryan Rose & Gabriel Cross kissing under an outdoor shower in Desert Getaway. (Falcon Studios)

Ryan Rose gets hot and wet with Gabriel Cross under an outdoor shower in Falcon Studios’ Desert Getaway.

photo source: Falcon Studios, via


Hot shot — Tom Daley

Tom Daley in a sexy speedo.

Soak up some Olympic-sized Tom Daley hotness. Click for the full-sized pin-up.


Body of Work: Shia LaBeouf

File this under Hollywood douchebags you still want to hatefuck. It’s a compilation of Shia LaBeouf‘s nude scenes — including those explicit scenes from the hardcore independent film Nymphomaniac.

video source: Mr. Man


Dangerously sexy Robby Barker

Fitness model Robby Barker showing his cute butt in tight underwear. (All American Guys)

photo source: All American Guys


He’s going bananas

Horsehung hunk in tighty whities eating a banana with visible penis outline.

photo source: Unbetitelt


Mr. Man Minute 8/12/2016

See 50 Cent’s Piece on Power.

video source: Mr. Man


Hot shot — Golden buns

A muscular naked blond hunk with a perfect bubble butt!

Another Flashback Friday Hot Shot from the old hard drive. Man, I was obsessed with men’s butts when I got my first computer back in the ’90s.


Mr. Man Minute 8/5/2016

Release your suicide wad with Will Smith’s ass!

video source: Mr. Man


Derek P. taking in the view

A hot swimsuit pic of model Derek P at the beach. (All American Guys)

“Derek P. is a college student at a major college in Florida and is originally from Chicago, Illinois. He is a certified personal trainer who also doubles as an NPC physique competitor. Derek started Training in 8th grade with a focus on athletics/organized sports. He has stated that his passion for cooking, which he developed at an early age, led way to his impressive physique. Derek’s modeling career began when he moved to Florida for school and was discovered at the airport while getting his bags. Since then, Derek’s modeling career has been on the up and up. He has snatched book covers and calendar spots and has a lot of things in the pipeline for the future. Attached below is the link to a review of the first book he was featured on. Be sure to look out for this guy in the future, we expect big things from Derek P.” — All American Guys


Big Softie — Johnny Castle

Straight male porn star Johnny Castle totally naked.

Male porn star Johnny Castle is extremely well hung.

photo source: On the Block


Orlando Bloom uncensored nudes

Orlando Bloom's naked holiday in Italy.

I don’t know why Orlando Bloom decided to get completely naked while paddle-boarding with Katy Perry out in public and with so many people around. But I’m awfully glad that he did. Notice the Lord of the Rings tattoo a few inches above his pubic area.

photo source: Twitter


Mr. Man Minute 7/29/2016

See Matt Damon as naked as the day he was Bourne! Plus Dave Franco bares his cute little butt.

video source: Mr. Man


An obedient cocksucker

Masculine hunk sucking a big fat cock. Hot gay blowjob!

photo source: Men are beautiful


Summer is ready when you are

Hot naked guy climbing out of pool.

Ah, this takes me back. Stumbled across this image while backing up files from an old computer. One of my favorite fantasy men from way back. No idea who he is though. It’s dated December 10, 1996 — which means it probably took 20 minutes to download off usenet using AOL and a dial-up modem.


Big softie — Daniel Kirk

Full frontal nude of stunning Playgirl centerfold Daniel Kirk.


James Franco fantasy face fuck

Creative animated gif of James Franco getting a gay blowjob.

Maybe you’ve seen James Franco‘s simulated, but still graphic gay blowjob scene from The Broken Tower. Well, here’s another creative fake showing the queer baiting (or is he genuinely bi-curious) gay porn dabbler getting serviced.

photo source: ExcellentMen


Mr. Man Minute 7/22/2016

Idris Elba‘s ass is beyond perfection.

video source: Mr. Man


Hunter’s getting horny

Hunter (Sean Cody)

“Hunter is a busy body. He seems to be doing a lot and thinking about doing a lot in the future. He is a tropical farmer whose been working on cars and possibly enlisting in the navy, as well as thinking about studying abroad. Clearly, he likes to keep busy.

‘Tell me what brought you here.’

He laughed. ‘Well, there’s this site called Sean Cody and I thought it would be fun to do some modeling for them.’

We asked him what types of guys he finds attractive and he told us he likes a broad range of guys: muscular, slim, body hair, no body hair, etc. He isn’t very picky. He was very calm, cool and collected, but once the cameras got rolling, he just let loose and let it all hang out!” — Sean Cody


“How big can it get, Frank?”

“Frank received a text message from a fan he met earlier at a local gym: ‘Hi Frank! How big can it get? Can you show me?’ Feeling horny, he answered: ‘Watch this’. Frank put his phone’s camera on, then started posing and stripping. This really got him excited as his dick got fully erected…” — Maskurbate

video source: Maskurbate


Hot shot — Beef ‘n’ bulge

Smoking hot hunky personal trainer Ed Harbourne with a big bulge in his tiny undies.

photo credit: Rough & Raw


Tanner Chidester in tighty whities

Model Tanner Chidester in tight Calvin Klein underwear showing VPL. (All American Guys)

“Tanner Chidester is one of the most established male fitness models in the industry. Tanner comes from the lonestar state of Texas and has made a splash all around the world. Tanner started his own online fitness training company as well as appearing on the front of multiple magazine covers. Tanner has been featured on magazine/ calendar covers such as DNA and Masculine Mag. The present is bright for Tanner and his future in this industry is even brighter. Be on the lookout for Tanner to explode into the spotlight in the next few months.” — All American Guys