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Body of Work: Colin Farrell

“With his bad boy persona, gorgeous face, thick head of hair, amazingly toned body, and of course epically long dong, Colin Farrell is the perfect actor to feature here on Body of Work. Watch him put that body to werk with his impressive six dudity-filled appearances, right here!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man


Hot shot — Logan Swiecki-Taylor

Sexy black and white shot of model Logan Swiecki-Taylor in a tiny speedo.

photo source: UndieDude


Houston doesn’t have a problem

Horsehung naked black hunk Houston. (Sean Cody)

Horsehung black hunk Houston admires his own reflection. And clearly there is quite a lot to admire. See the full-sized pin-ups of this gorgeous, big-dicked stud after the jump…

photo source: Sean Cody


Milked — Brad

“Brad’s next challenge was his most difficult to date. He had to insert his cock into a heavy duty sucking machine, that I controlled, and last at least 10 minutes before cumming. Watching Brad pose & moan while getting milked was something I won’t soon forget. A must see!” — Maskurbate


Hot shot — B&W in tighty whities

A sexy male underwear model showing VPL.


Alex Mecum as Steve Rogers

Porn star Alex Mecum as Steve Rogers in Captain America: A XXX Gay Porn Parody.

He might have superhuman strength, but when Steve Rogers isn’t saving the world from giant objects falling out of the sky, he needs to get laid just like everyone else. See Alex Mecum in nude pin-ups from Captain America: A XXX Gay Porn Parody after the jump…

photo source: Super Gay Hero


Hot shot — Nothing to wear

A naked hunk with a nice bubble butt doing laundry.

photo source: ASSLOVINMAN


Lance gets it from all sides

Flirting With Porn — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh ‘n’ Boners VOD

Watch the new guy get broken in by three experienced porn veterans. Lance Thurber’s on the receiving end of a bareback gang bang with Bel Ami fan favorites Adam Archuleta, Jack Harrer, and Kevin Warhol. He gets sucked and fucked and reamed at both ends.


Oral Fixation — Just the tip

Scruffy dude licking the tip of his buddy's big dick.

photo source: Hairy & Erect


Between two brothers

Ashton Summers Judas Cole and Preston Cole. (Randy Blue)

Ashton Summers can’t decide which of the Cole brothers he likes best, so he takes them both. And at the same time! Watch Preston and Judas Cole share some Summers sausage in this taboo-shattering, pseudo incestuous threesome. Scroll through their hardcore pin-up gallery after the jump…

photo source: Randy Blue


Mr. Man Minute 9/9/2016

Rami Malek‘s Bare Ass Will Make You Want to F(society)!

video source: Mr. Man


Men kissing — Daniel & Manny

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Wake up with Spencer Y.

Fitness model Spencer Y. (All American Guys)

We caught him sleeping in the nude, and suddenly he turns shy. Check out the full-size pin-ups of sexy fitness model Spencer Y. after the jump…

photo source: Michael Downs @ All American Guys


Body of Work: Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal might be known in Hollywood as one of the most talented actors in movie biz, but he’s best known here at Mr. Man for his unforgettable dudity! Now, let’s take a break and partake in Jake’s snake and seat steak in this Body of Work!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man


Fluffing before fucking

Blake Mitchell, Logan Cross & Justin Owen sucking dick in Ready For My 3-Way. (Helix Studios)

Justin Owen, Blake Mitchell, and Logan Cross get ready for their big scene by engaging in a little oral foreplay in the dressing room. After they take turns sucking each other off, they’re ready to film their threesome in Helix Studios’ Ready For My 3-Way.

photo source: Helix Studios


Hot shot — Jakub Stefano

Model Jakub Stefano showing a big bulge in his tight underwear.

Model Jakub Stefano is bulging out all over.


Penner exposes his penis

Remember when three-time Survivor contestant Jonathan Penner got totally naked and did aerobics? No? Well, me neither, but look what I just found. It’s a full frontal nude scene from the 1998 sex comedy Anarchy TV.


Hot shot — Derek P. relaxing

Fitness model Derek P relaxing in his underwear. (All American Guys)

photo source: All American Guys


“The Shed”

“Based on a true story. I recently fractured my wrist. My friend Brad helped me clean up my shed. He found a masturbating toy, so tiny, that he was certain that his dick wouldn’t fit in it. I bet $100 that it would…” — Maskurbate


Big Softie — Playing Chopsticks

A hung naked hunk playing the piano with his big dick.

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Mr. Man’s Back to School Special

Back to school w/ Mr. Man. (Pictured: Ryan Gosling)

Take Advantage Of These Awesome Back To School Deals!


Ray Dragon big ‘n’ stiff

Ray Dragon full frontal nude

Another side of classic gay porn star Ray Dragon.

photo source: Colt Studio Group


Mr. Man Minute 9/2/2016

See the trio of Shameless nude dudes.

video source: Mr. Man


I’m drooling right now

Fit naked hunk showing off his huge cock in a sexy dick pic.

If that’s what it looks like soft, it must be terrifyingly huge when it’s fully erect.