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Now that’s a man!

A handsome naked muscular hunk with a huge penis.


photo source: Raw Gay Porn


Mentally undress Adam Levine

Adam Levine naked full frontal (fake)

A full frontal fantasy nude of Adam Levine for anyone who wants to jump the Maroon 5 singer’s bones.


Hot shot — Sun splash

A hung, muscular hunk splashing naked in the surf at the beach.

A beautiful naked man splashing naked in the surf.

photo source: In All Their Glory


From Front and From Back

Some erotic nude stills of The Rebel, one of the featured models at the arty male porn site Temptation of Eve. You can creep on this sexy hunk as he takes a naked nap on a leather couch.

photo source: Temptation of Eve


Sausage ‘n’ eggs

A hot naked guy with a big dick and enormous balls.

Now here’s a guy who sure has a lot to offer. You could make a meal of his huge cock and big balls. Point and click to enjoy the full-sized pin-up of this random naked man.

photo source: I love ginger guys


Mentally undress Tyler Hoechlin

Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin completely nude with a hard uncut cock.

A full frontal fantasy nude of Teen Wolf actor Tyler Hoechlin that’ll make you howl at the moon.

photo source: Hunkarama


Shortbus suck off ‘n’ salad toss

John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) directed this hardcore gay threesome from the sexually explicit independent film Shortbus. Singer-songwriter Jay Brannan gives a blowjob to Playgirl model Paul Dawson while getting his salad tossed by PJ DeBoy. Jay tries to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” with a mouthful of cock.

video source: Mr. Man


A slut in socks ‘n’ a jock

A hung stud in thigh high stockings with a hard cock poking out of his jock!

This hot little slut’s got his dick in a sling.


Willing ‘n’ waiting

A naked chiseled hunk with his legs spread showing his big hard cock.

Looks like this chiseled stud is up for just about anything.


Chris Evans’ steamy sauna nude

A hot fake nude of Chris Evans in the sauna, naked with a huge erection!

Looks like Chris Evans is ready for some steamy sauna sex.

People do love attaching celebrity heads to Paddy O’Brian’s body, don’t they?

photo source: my sexy men


How’s it hanging?

Erotic model/dancer Quinn Jaxon (aka porn stud Kurt Madison) totally nude, showing off his humongous penis!

Quinn Jaxon is the very definition of well hung.

photo source: nudist home & nature


Frank Grillo full frontal

Full frontal nude shot of actor Frank Grillo

Some full frontal artistic nudes of actor Frank Grillo, who played Brock Rumlow (aka Crossbones) in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and now has a starring role in The Purge: Anarchy.

I had to step inside the Wayback Machine and rip these naked pics off a floppy disk, because I first found them in the 1990s. Back then Grillo was a regular on the long-running (since canceled) soap opera Guiding Light — which made these pictures somewhat controversial because soap producers are paradoxically prudish about nudity. Some soap actors (like Marcus Patrick or Jeff Griggs) found out the hard way that posing nude or having a gay porn past was a fireable offense.

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