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Mentally undress Ewan McGregor

Full frontal fake nude of actor Ewan McGregor with an erection.

Funny, I didn’t know Ewan McGregor was Jewish. (j/k) This is a fairly convincing fake, but it has one gynormous tell. Ewan has a world famous penis, and we all know he’s uncircumcised. (You can see for yourself by clicking here!) His erection was borrowed from these Colby Keller glamour shots.

photo source: HANDYGLANS


Mentally undress Jared Padalecki

Full frontal Jared Padalecki fantasy nude

Imagine Supernatural hunk Jared Padalecki with a super-huge cock.

Body and beer can thick, uncut cock borrowed from horsehung gay porn star Brad Patton.

photo source: Boys Boys Boys