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Don’t waste it, let him taste it!

Duncan Black with cum all over his face, swallowing Will Braun's creamy load.

Duncan Black is determined to swallow every drop of Will Braun’s cum. Well, the cum that isn’t dripping off his beard anyway…


Duncan Black gets a cum shower

Colby Keller cumming all over Duncan Black in the shower. (Sauna Slut)

It’s a good thing Colby Keller and Duncan Black are already in the shower, because when Colby gets finished fucking him, he makes a sloppy, wet mess by blowing his load all over Duncan’s face and chest.


Colby Keller gettin’ some head

Duncan Black sucking Colby Keller's cock in the shower. (Sauna Slut)

It’s bathhouse slut Duncan Black going down on Colby Keller in Drill My Hole’s Sauna Slut. Colby grabs Duncan’s head so he can fuck his mouth. His low hanging balls slap Duncan’s chin.