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4Play — Florian & Dolph

Bel Ami Valentine's Special - Gay porn stars Florian Nemec and Dolph Lambert !

Florian Nemec nibbles Dolph Lambert‘s ear during a naked cuddle session.

photo source: Bel Ami Online


Dolph Lambert’s dick slip

Gay porn star Dolph Lambert (Bel Ami Online)

Beautiful blond Bel Ami boy-toy Dolph Lambert is letting his trouser snake get some air.


Kevin Warhol does Dolph Lambert

Kinky And Dolph — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh ‘n’ Boners VOD

Two of Bel Ami’s best blonds hookup. Kevin Warhol treats Dolph Lambert to an early morning blowjob. Then Dolph lets Kevin fuck his hot ass.


Dolph & Roger Lambert do it

Kissing Cousins And Other Stories — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh N Boners VOD

Porn cousins (in name only) Dolph Lambert and Roger Lambert commit virtual incest. Out in the garden they take turns giving each other blowjobs. Then Roger rides Dolph’s fat cock.