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Blake is (un)dressed for success

Gay porn star Blake Mitchell Dressed For Success (Helix Studios)

A dapper Blake Mitchell is dressed for success, but he’s not quite all business. Does this count as office casual? Check out his full-size erotic pin-ups after the jump…

photo source: Helix Studios


Brand New Body of Work — Bill Skarsgård

Asset 8529f389.

Feast your eyes on Bill Skarsgård. With his slender physique, amazing green eyes and full lips, Bill is nothing short of super handsome! Bill is not afraid to follow in his family’s footsteps and show some skin. We got to see Bill’s crown jewels and smooth ass in the emotional drama Simon & the Oaks.

Happy birthday Chris Hemsworth!

Young Chris Hemsworth shirtless sexy body

Chris Hemsworth, one of our favorite Australian hunks turns 35 this weekend. This gorgeous 6’3 stud got his start as a soap opera star in his native land before joining the ranks of Hollywood hotties and hitting it BIG when he was cast as the God of Thunder himself in Thor.


Big softies — Dick-stressed jeans

Free-balling in torn jeans

Shh! Nobody tell him… This freeballing hunk’s going commando in torn jeans. I wonder if he paid extra to make them look like that?


It’s The First of May, Outdoor F*@#ing Starts Today

“Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate the wonders of Mother Nature than with outdoor gay sex? See Casey Donovan and Peter Fisk in Boys in the Sand, Paul Hamy and Xelo Cagiao in The Ornithologist, Christophe Paou and Pierre Deladonchamps in Stranger by the Lake, Mateusz Banasiuk and Bartosz Gelner in Floating Skyscrapers, and finally, Timotheé Chalamet‘s infamous Armie Hammer crotch grab (where you get a glimpse of Armie’s ball sack!) in Call Me By Your Name!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man


Maarten Ro hard a-starboard

Model Maarten Ro with his hard cock out (MaleModel NL)

Ro Ro Ro your boat, gently down the stream… It’s muscular model Maarten Ro getting naked and rock hard as he sails down river in a boat — and he’s steering hard a-starboard. See his full-size prick-teasing shots, plus a dick slip and a cock shot after the jump…

photo source: MaleModel NL


Hot shot — Terry DeLong’s dick slip

Classic Colt model Terry DeLong with his big dick coming out of his shorts (Colt Studio Group)

If freeballing hottie Terry DeLong tried to go for a run in these short shorts, he’d probably trip over his own dick. Click it to make it bigger…

photo source: Colt Studio Group


Hot shot — Jack & Kevin

Bel Ami Valentine's Special - Gay porn stars Jack Harrer and Kevin Warhol kissing with hard cocks busting out of their jeans!

I think it’s pretty obvious Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer have the hots for each other.

photo source: Bel Ami Online


Try a little tenderness

Jean-Luc Bisset & Danny Defoe (Bel Ami Online)

“This is not just a normal set of images though, some of them are from couples you may remember from times past, some are new pairings, some are DVD cover pictures or from advertisements that we never had the chance to present properly, and some are just our personal favorite romantic pictures.

The thing that bind them is their portrayal of the love and affection between the boys of BelAmi. Pic 11 (Jean-Luc Bisset & Danny Defoe pictured above) is extra special in that it is the cover of the 2017 ‘Freshmen’ calendar, and you will remember #5 as the cover for The Private Life of Josh Elliot and #12 from Todd and Dolph.

Which of our boys today do you want to be your Valentine?” — Bel Ami Online


Byron Hawkwood in B&W

Byron Hawkwood on the couch (Colt Studio Group)

Friday Flashback: Byron Hawkwood was a classic Colt calendar man, and everything about these shots screams 1980. That hair, the porn ‘stache… This is what men looked like when I was growing up. Brings back memories. He reminds me of my little league coach. I can practically smell the Aqua Velva. See the other side of Byron in his leather vest and sheet underwear in his full-size pin-ups after the jump…

photo source: Colt Studio Group


Aiden Gleeson in the flesh

Cute naked twink Aiden Gleeson (Bel Ami Online)

Newcomer Aiden Gleeson, an angelic muscle twink, looks sexy in his mellow yellow short shorts. But he looks even sexier without them. See him totally naked after the jump…

photo source: Bel Ami Online


Thom’s coming out of his shorts

Thom (Sean Cody)

Thom‘s a spicy ginger hotter with a pretty pink cock that’s so big he can’t seem to keep it in his baggy shorts. Take a look at his tender meat after the jump…

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Body of Work: Chris Hemsworth

“Not only does he play Thor, one of the hottest superheroes of our time, Chris Hemsworth is also a sexy piece of man-meat we’d never pass up a chance to see on-screen (or off). It only took Chris a few years to make it big and cash in his paycheck for playing the God of Thunder, proving that having a banging body and Aussie accent will get you where you need to go in life. [Get a closer look at his Vacation end credits cock shot after the jump…]” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man


Maarten Ro hot ‘n’ bothered

Maarten Ro (MaleModel)

Somebody turned up the heat and now model Maarten Ro is soaking wet. His wet t-shirt clings to his body. And what’s that? Looks like a boner peaking out of his shorts. Scroll through his sexy erotic pin-up gallery after the jump…

photo source: MaleModel


4Play — Ariel & Marc

Gay porn stars Ariel Vanean & Marc Ruffalo (Bel Ami Online)

What’s this I see? Somebody’s having a dick slip. Looks like Ariel Vanean just awakened Marc Ruffalo‘s sleeping giant.

photo source: Rick Day @ Bel Ami Online


Hot shot — Peekaboo, I see you!

An epic dick slip.

A well endowed manspreader with his monster cock head poking out of his shorts.

photo source: Boy Bods


Brysen has a dick slip

Brysen's cock is coming out of his shorts! (Sean Cody)

Brysen‘s going commando in his baggy shorts, and then — whoops! Wardrobe malfunction! See more pin-ups of this sexy shirtless hunk after the jump. Or click on his pic to see what he’s been up to lately over at Sean Cody.

photo source: Sean Cody


Did somebody call a cock-tor?

Lewd photo of a horsehung doctor exposing himself.

photo credit: freeballinglbc


Jean-Daniel Chagall big ‘n’ stiff

Gay porn star Jean-Daniel Chagall (Bel Ami Online)

“When Jean-Daniel first arrived in our offices, George Duroy asked him about shooting full sex scenes. ‘He was very straightforward. He told me that he was not opposed to shooting and that he was in bad need of the money, because he had a fairly high debt,’ George recalls. ‘But he wouldn’t go ahead without asking his folks at home about it because he didn’t want to lie to them. And so he did.’ Two weeks later, he called and confirmed that he had been given the go-ahead… Since then he has participated in a couple of fashion shoots in Paris as well as photo sessions with Greg Gorman, Howard Roffman, Marty Stevens and George himself, all of whom expressed pleasure at working with Jean-Daniel.” — Bel Ami Online


Let it flow through you!

Luke Adams as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars XXX. (Super Gay Hero)

Luke Skywalker wasn’t one to go rogue — until he learned the ways of The Force. See Luke Adams as the young Jedi get spit-roasted and gang banged by a bunch of Stormtroopers in Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody. Scroll through his nude pin-ups after the jump…

photo source: Super Gay Hero


Short for a Stormtrooper?

Gay porn star Paddy O'Brian in Star Wars XXX. (Super Gay Hero)

Paddy O’Brian is back for an intergalactic fuckfest in the finale of this epic Star Wars parody. Just when you thought he was lost in deep space, Paddy arrives with his fat cock in hand to drill Luke Adams‘ bubble butt. Of course, we can’t disappoint Hector De Silva and the other troopers, who have been searching far and wide for the perfect ass to plow. Luke is gangbanged and bathed in hot trooper cum in this truly monumental Star Wars parody.” — Super Gay Hero


Alex Mecum popped a boner

Gay porn star Alex Mecum. (Titan Men)

Alex Mecum can’t keep it in his shorts. See the rest of his hairy naked body in nude glamour shots from Cauke for FREE after the jump….

photo source: Titan Men


Sean’s free-balling boat ride

photo source: Sean Cody


Randy Spears penis peep

Male porn star Randy Spears in Straight to Bed. (Channel 1 Releasing)

With his ruggedly handsome features and athletic physique, Randy Spears was the antithesis of Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy. When he began his adult film career in the late 1980s, straight male porn stars could be average looking to downright ugly, but Randy Spears was one of the few exceptions to that rule.

In these promotional stills from the solo-only jack off video Straight to Bed Randy’s strategically ripped stonewashed jeans are giving us a peak at his peen. See more promo shots of Randy Spears lumber-jacking off after the jump…

photo source: C1R