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Big dong in yellow thong

Cock shot: A big dick in a tiny yellow thong

It takes a lot of balls to share a photo like this. Now all of a sudden I’ve got a craving for a banana split. 🍨

photo source: ExcellentMen


Hot shot — Nixon’s tasty taint

Hot naked hunk Nixon (Sean Cody)

Once again, Nixon looks good enough to eat. Don’t you want to grind his grundle? This nude pin-up is from his porn shoot with Shaw. See his hardcore trailer after the jump or Click here to see what he’s been up to lately…

photo source: Sean Cody


Hot shot — Peekaboo, I see you!

An epic dick slip.

A well endowed manspreader with his monster cock head poking out of his shorts.

photo source: Boy Bods


Kyle King’s butt, balls ‘n’ boner

Gay porn star Kyle King. (Hot House)

See every inch of Kyle King from hole to pole in his nude pin-up gallery — after the jump…

photo source: Kyle King @ Hot House


Hot shot — The boy-toy

A sexy shirtless twink in short shorts!

photo source: hotguysarehorny


Hot shot — Antonio Anuk

Flexible dancer Antonio Anuk showing a huge bulge as he contorts his body like a pretzel.

I think I’m gonna cum.


Tom Daley wardrobe malfunction

Tom Daley showing his balls in a kilt

No true Scotsman would ever wear underwear under his kilt. Tom Daley provides some visual upskirt confirmation that he follows that tradition, flashing his dolphin-smooth ball sack.

photo source: Nice Male


Hot shot — Unzipped

A tempting shot of a sexy guy unzipping his fly.

The possibilities…

photo source: The Shadow Angle


Taint nothin’ like the real thing

A hot shot of a sexy dude's butt, balls and taint.

Staring straight up into some hot naked guy’s nether regions.

photo source: HNBW


A slut in socks ‘n’ a jock

A hung stud in thigh high stockings with a hard cock poking out of his jock!

This hot little slut’s got his dick in a sling.