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Body of Work: Jean-Claude Van Damme

“The muscles from Brussels himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme, has gone nude almost too many times to count! See his super sculpted black belt buns in movies like Bloodsport, Lionheart, Double Impact, Universal Soldier, Timecop, Legionnaire, and more. Jean-Claude Van Damnnnnn boy!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man


Game Of Thrones Studs STARK Naked! Top 10 GOT Male Nude Scenes

Kit Harington's nude sex scene from Game of Thrones. Hot bubble butt.

If you like Game of Thrones, then you’ve GOT to check out the top ten most insanely sexy nude scenes so far. Before catching the April 14th final season premiere, khalee-see penis, butt, and gay hookups from Game of Thrones studs like Kit Harington, Jason Momoa, and Pedro Pascal right here…


Juan Manuel Martino in action

See Juan Manuel Martino's ass in action in Taekwondo.

Here’s a closer look at Juan Manuel Martino‘s fleshy, jiggly man cakes in action — one of the actors featured in the sexy Argentine comedy-drama Taekwondo. Martino stole the show by letting it all — and I do mean ALL — hang out. You can also see his revealing performance highlighted here and here. Enjoy!


Cameron Monaghan’s Perfect Butt

See Cameron Monaghan's perfect ass in the latest episode of Shameless!

Ginger hottie Cameron Monaghan gets naked in Shameless


Brent Corrigan butt jiggle

Well, this looks like a good enough reason to watch whatever the fuck Brent Corrigan is working on over at Falcon. Those tasty butt cheeks are jiggling like a bowl full of peach flavored jello.

photo source: Falcon Studios; via Twitter


Zac Efron’s star-spangled speedo

Zac Efron taking off his pants. (Baywatch)

Zac Efron's cute jiggly bubble butt in a speedo. (Baywatch)

Zac Efron showing off his bulge in a speedo. (Baywatch)

Zac Efron showing off his bulge in a speedo. (Baywatch)

Patriotism never looked so tasty. Zac Efron strips down to a star-spangled red, white and blue speedo in Baywatch.

photo source: Celeb Underwear


Oral fixation — Fitness goals!

Kevin Williams‘ personal trainer (Chad Douglas) keeps him motivated during an intense workout. (Falcon Studios; In Your Wildest Dreams)

Trying to get back in shape after the holidays? Don’t be afraid to celebrate your weight-loss success by rewarding yourself with the occasional low-calorie snack.

photo source: Falcon Studios; via That Gay GIF!


Keeping the Kris in Christmas

Gay porn stars Kris Evans & Kevin Warhol kissing and flirting in their underwear at Christmas time. (Bel Ami Online)

Gay porn stars Kris Evans & Kevin Warhol kissing and flirting in their underwear at Christmas time. (Bel Ami Online)

Gay porn stars Kris Evans & Kevin Warhol kissing and flirting in their underwear at Christmas time. (Bel Ami Online)

Gay porn stars Kris Evans & Kevin Warhol kissing and flirting in their underwear at Christmas time. (Bel Ami Online)

Kevin Warhol, a shameless flirt, having a very merry Christmas with Kris Evans.


James Franco fantasy face fuck

Creative animated gif of James Franco getting a gay blowjob.

Maybe you’ve seen James Franco‘s simulated, but still graphic gay blowjob scene from The Broken Tower. Well, here’s another creative fake showing the queer baiting (or is he genuinely bi-curious) gay porn dabbler getting serviced.

photo source: ExcellentMen


Jordan Rivers jacking off

Male porn star Jordan Rivers (aka Julian Rios) stroking his big dick.

Someday his dick will cum.


Russell Tovey’s jiggly naked butt

A naughty shot of Russell Tovey's cute naked butt.

Russell Tobey's naked ass has a cute little jiggle.

I can’t stop Looking at Russell Tovey‘s hot naked ass jiggle.


Jack Harrer serviced

Kevin Warhol gives Jack Harrer a handjob while Andre Boleyn & Adam Archuleta stick out their tongues so they can catch his spurting cum.

When Jack Harrer gets serviced by Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta, they fight over his cock until it starts spurting. When the cum starts flying, they all want a taste. See more of this after the jump…

photo source: Bel Ami Online; via Sado Pictures


Hot shot — Fuck!

Staring at his sexy naked undulating ass while he fucks.

Just do it!

photo source: Sexy Studly Guys


Mick Lovell gives good head

Gay porn star Mick Lovell giving a really good blowjob.

It’s gay porn star Mick Lovell bobbing up and down on a hard cock.

photo source: Let him fuck you


Zac Efron’s hot naked butt

A butt naked Zac Efron drunk dancing in Dirty Grandpa.

Is Zac Efron looking at his wiener?

Zac Efron baring his cute naked butt as he takes off his pants.

It has an abysmal 11% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, so I’m pretty sure this — Zac Efron‘s beautful naked bubble butt — is the only reason to see Dirty Grandpa. Did something happen to his penis?

photo source: Fame is showing


Money shot — Gino Mosca bukkake

Spurting cocks shoot cum all over Gino Mosca's face.

Three different guys cum on Gino Mosca's face at the same time!

Gay porn star Gino Mosca getting a bukkake-style facial.

It’s Gino Mosca getting bathed in creamy cum from three different spurting cocks. The Bel Ami pretty boy is so fucking cute, how could anyone not want to bust a nut all over his adorable face?

photo source: Bel Ami Online; via Hugecocks


A pendulous penis

Closeup shot of a big, floppy penis.

Here’s a gigantic, pendulous cock and balls to dick-matize you. You are getting veeeery horny…

photo credit: With You Anywhere


Colby Keller loves eating cum

Cum hungry cocksucker Colby Keller swallows a spurting load from Jarec Wentworth. (Randy Blue)

Colby Keller sucking Jarec Wentworth's cock clean. (Randy Blue)

Jarec Wentworth getting a satisfying blowjob from Colby Keller. (Randy Blue)

Orgasms are fun! Colby Keller is so thirsty for Jarec Wentworth‘s cum. He sucks his cock until he gets his reward and tries to swallow every drop.

photo source: Randy Blue


Jamie Blyton keepin’ it clean

Uncut naked hunk Jamie Blyton taking a shower. (Men At Play)

Hypnotic image of water splashing off Jamie Blyton’s glistening naked body. A hot shot from his Men At Play solo jack off scene.

photo source: Men At Play; via We Love Nudes


Hot shot — Soft doughy buns

Naked hunk Tyler Rush rubbing his luscious, fleshy ass.

I can’t… form… words. No words… Can’t stop… staring. At this. Hypnotic. Tyler Rush. Rubbing his hypnotic juicy, jiggly ass cheeks.

photo source: Running Ampent


How many licks does it take?

Cute Bel Ami boy licking a hard cock.

How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? Let’s find out. One… two… three…

Cute Bel Ami boy Matt Phillipe is gonna keep licking that dick until it blows!

photo source: Bel Ami Online, via bisexualpulse


Chris Hemsworth’s Vacation VPL

Chris Hemsworth's sexy underwear scene, showing VPL

Chris Hemsworth's sexy underwear scene, showing VPL

Chris Hemsworth's sexy underwear scene, showing VPL

Chris Hemsworth's sexy underwear scene, showing VPL

You want him to put the hammer down? I’m sure we all know these sexy shots of Chris Hemsworth in boxer briefs showing an epic VPL is a special effect made with a prosthetic penis, but we can pretend, can’t we? Watch Hemsworth’s buzzworthy appearance from the red band trailer for the upcoming Vacation sequel after the jump…


Like drinking from a garden hose

A gay blowjob climax. Sean Cody hunk Ashton cumming in Jordan's mouth.

Ashton cumming in Jordan's mouth while fucking his face.

A hot oral cum shot. Cum dripping from Jordan's mouth while he sucks Ashton's big dick.

An amazing blowjob finish with cum spurting all over Jordan's face.

That time when Sean Cody hunk Jordan gave Ashton the best blowjob ever and Ashton left him drowning in spunk.

photo source: Sean Cody, via fagsmut


That notorious Survivor dick slip

Marcus Lehman's Survivor dick slip.

As we saw on the latest episode of Survivor after two members of the White Collar tribe went nudist, CBS is usually diligent about blurring out the naughty bits. Even if it’s just a hint of plumber’s crack they’ll add a digital blind spot to shield our supposedly delicate sensibilities.

But in one instance the censors committed an epic fail and this happened. Survivor: Gabon castaway Marcus Lehman ran a challenge in some ill-fitting boxer briefs and — oops! — the mouse came out of the house. Last time I streamed this on Amazon Prime his little flopping penis was still visible.

photo source: ExcellentMen