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Oral fixation — Andrei blows Kris

Andrei Karenin & Kris Evans (Bel Ami Online)

“It happens sometimes that our cameramen don’t take enough pictures to make what we think is an ‘adequate amount’ of images to show you in these little visual previews. In cases like that we take the easy way out and just give you more than one scene at the same time. Today we get 2 dark and brooding beauties in Kris Evans and Andrei Karenin.” — Bel Ami Online


Deep & Hard — Jack does Andrei

Andrei Karenin & Jack Harrer (Bel Ami Online)

We have a treat today for all the Jack Harrer lovers out there as he is joined by Andrei Karenin to help him fulfil a little wish list he has made. Andrei here is probably in the best physical condition he has ever been in, and obviously very turned on by Jack’s attentions. With a dick like Jack’s, we often see it become the center of attention in a lot of encounters, but this time it is all about the pleasure that Jack can give Andrei, first with a deep blow job and then long and erotic rimming session… so erotic in fact that Andrei shoots his load right there and then before the fucking even starts. Don’t be fooled however into think that it may be enough for Andrei, as within minutes he is hard again and impaling himself on Jack’s dick. Often Jack has to be a bit careful how hard he fucks a guy, but this time it certainly isn’t a problem at all, the harder and faster he goes, the more Andrei enjoys it. This is definitely one of our best scenes with both of these guys. — Bel Ami Online

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