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Fredrik Eklund’s Playgirl nudes

Fredrik Eklund wasn’t always a wealthy real estate mogul. This celebrity broker (of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing) had humble beginnings, which included a brief career in gay porn (alias Tag Eriksson) and a stint as a naked gardener — if only for a few hours. See full frontal nude photos of this reality TV star […]

Eric Zientek swinging large

Some more sexy shots of happy camper Eric Zientek swinging large in an outdoor Playgirl shoot. photo source: Playgirl Online

Big Softie — Eric Zientek

Playgirl centerfold Eric Zientek isn’t even hard, but he’s still huge. Definitely a show-er, not a grower. photo source: Playgirl Online; via

Naked Cowboy is naked

So Naked Cowboy is still a thing. I discovered this yesterday morning while watching the news. Not being from New York, I just assumed the now 45-year-old attention whore had ridden off into the sunset. But no. Never assume. Robert Burck — aka NYC’s very own “Naked Cowboy” — recently migrated from his usual perch […]

How hot was Ryan Idol?

Friday flashback. Remember when Ryan Idol was still hot? No? Don’t take my word for it. Just check out these glamour shots from one of his earliest videos, the Jerry Douglas skin flick Trade Off — one of your artier porn videos. He’s currently a hot mess doing a stretch at Valley State Prison for […]

Big Softie — Johnny Castle

Male porn star Johnny Castle is extremely well hung. photo source: On the Block

Big softie — Daniel Kirk

photo source: Playgirl Online; via

Tommy Gunn big ‘n’ stiff

Beefy straight male porn star Tommy Gunn showing off his magnificent cock. Lately this hardcore superstar has been landing some mainstream acting gigs. He appeared alongside fellow porn star Sasha Grey on the HBO series Entourage. And he has a small roll in the horror movie Wolves, co-starring Lucas Till (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Jason Momoa […]

Chris Johnson butt naked

Straight porn star Chris Johnson is a hot piece of ass. photo source: Playgirl Online; via

Brad Hart has a hard-on for you

Hung Playgirl hunk Brad Hart strokes his big dick and makes it rock hard. photo source: Playgirl Online; via

Danny Boy keepin’ it clean

Uncut Playgirl hunk Danny Boy is a dirty boy who practices good hygiene. photo source: Playgirl Online

Rex Cameron big ‘n’ stiff

Playgirl model Rex Cameron has a big stiff one. photo source: Playgirl Online; via

Michael Von Steel big ‘n’ stiff

Playgirl centerfold Michael Von Steel enjoying an exotic, nudist tropical vacation. photo source: Playgirl Online

Felix in the flesh

Felix, a big dicked Playgirl model, seems to fall in love with his own reflection as he admires himself in the changing room mirror. He ends up practicing a little self-love anyway. photo source: Playgirl Online