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Etienne in front of the mirror

Some enchanting shots of beautiful blond heartthrob Etienne in front of a mirror. If I looked like this, I’d spend a lot of time in front of the mirror too. See this gorgeous, prick-teasing hunk completely nude at MaleModel NL. More pin-ups after the jump… photo source: MaleModel NL

Peachy keen — Michael Churchill

“You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me!? … Well I’m the only one here.” Model Michael Churchill has us seeing quadruple standing in front of a double mirror. photo source: Michael Downs from All American Guys; via Twitter

Jambo Africa — Christian Lundgren

Here’s yet another pretty boy who seems a bit taken by his own reflection. We do seem to get a lot of those around here. This time it’s Christian Lundgren puttering around the house in the altogether. Nice ass! Scroll through his full-size pin-ups after the jump… photo source: Bel Ami Online

Reflections of Cristiano

Like a young Narcissus, Cristiano seems to be transfixed by his own reflection. Wouldn’t you? See his full-size pin-ups after the jump… photo source: MaleModel NL

Hot shot — Rick Koch

Friday Flashback: Classic Colt model Rick Koch is old school with his ruggedly handsome face and hairy chest. He seems a bit taken with himself. Click to see his full-size full frontal pin-up… photo source: Colt Studio Group

Jakob big ‘n’ stiff

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s got the stiffest cock of all? Watch Jakob handle his hard-on in his Sean Cody solo debut. Check out his nude pin-up gallery after the jump….. photo source: Sean Cody

Nicolas Cazalé trims his bush

“Nicolas Cazalé goes full frontal as he manscapes his pubes in the mirror.” — Mr. Man video source: Mr. Man

Garrett’s got a hard-on

Garrett seems to be a little stuck on himself. But with a body like that, who could blame him? See the rest of his nude pin-ups after the jump… photo source: Sean Cody

Labyrinth — Sean does Dorian

“Sounds of sex echo from a dark room where Dorian Ferro is worshipping Sean Zevran‘s body. Sean’s black mesh body suit tightly sheathes his sculpted physique. It has an opening for his balls and cock, which Dorian slurps noisily. Mirrors multiply their images so many times, you can’t tell which is real and which is […]

Dorian Ferro workin’ that ass

Dorian Ferro shaking it in nude glamour shots from Raging Stallion’s Labyrinth. See his full-size pin-ups after the jump… photo source: Raging Stallion Studios

Sheerly amazing Sean Zevran

Sean Zevran in a sheer body stocking is the best thing ever. See the rest of his nude pin-ups from Raging Stallion’s Labyrinth after the jump… photo source: Raging Stallion Studios

Ultra Fan — Brent bones Calvin

“Get ready to experience gay porn on a whole other level! NakedSword presents, in collaboration with the notorious Brent Corrigan, most likely the fiercest series you will witness all year — ULTRA FAN!! Written and directed by the legend himself, Brent take you on a wild ride that wafts between fiction and reality. With a […]

Calvin Banks in Ultra Fan

So who’s up for some good old fashioned pizza boy porn? Calvin Banks delivers in Naked Sword’s Ultra Fan. See the rest of his nudes after the jump… video source: Naked Sword

Brent Corrigan in Ultra Fan

Brent Corrigan — on loan from Falcon Studios — looks jacked in these nude glamour shots from his latest feature, Ultra Fan, from Naked Sword. See the rest after the jump… video source: Naked Sword

A Westworld actor’s real blowjob

Last year Deadline triggered a minor show business scandal after it reported on a controversial consent form given to bit players on the set of HBO’s Westworld. The contract seemed to require mandatory participation in scenes featuring “graphic sexual situations” involving “genital-to-genital touching” and “simulated oral sex with hand-to-genital touching.” The contract also specified that […]

Felix in the flesh

Felix, a big dicked Playgirl model, seems to fall in love with his own reflection as he admires himself in the changing room mirror. He ends up practicing a little self-love anyway. photo source: Playgirl Online