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Loving Brent Corrigan — JJ & Brent

After the day at the beach, Brent Corrigan gets some personal training from JJ Knight at the gym. JJ gets a hard-on while watching Brent workout naked, so Brent drops to his knees to take care of him. But it’s just a tease. Brent leaves JJ’s load unspent so they can go and play by […]

Loving Brent Corrigan — Brent & JJ

It’s time for some summer lovin’! Their tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship made them the Sam and Diane of gay porn. Boyishly handsome power bottom Brent Corrigan and his hung and handsome lover JJ Knight had some good times and some bad times. These scenes were filmed during the good times. Watch Brent and JJ spend […]

Love & Lust — Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan ready to get hot and sticky with Kurtis Wolfe during a sultry summer night in “N’awlins” in Falcon’s Love & Lust In New Orleans. photo source: Falcon Studios

Hidden Palms — Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan keeping cool in the pool. Some sexy glamour shots from Falcon’s Hidden Palms. See his full-size nude pin-up after the jump… photo source: Falcon Studios

JJ Knight bones Brent Corrigan

About Last Night — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh ‘n’ Boners VOD Brent Corrigan gets a mouthful of his lover JJ Knight. Then JJ stuffs Brent’s cute butt with is big dick in this ass-pounding scene from Falcon’s About Last Night. video source: Flesh ‘N’ Boners VOD

Brent Corrigan butt jiggle

#Jiggling all day on the current #Falcon set @BrentCorrigan — Falcon Studios (@FalconStudiosPR) September 19, 2017 Well, this looks like a good enough reason to watch whatever the fuck Brent Corrigan is working on over at Falcon. Those tasty butt cheeks are jiggling like a bowl full of peach flavored jello. photo source: Falcon […]

Into the Blue — Brent Corrigan

Porn superstar Brent Corrigan shows off his butt and boner in these nude pin-ups from Falcon’s Into the Blue. photo source: Falcon Studios

Brent Corrigan’s bulge ‘n’ boner

Brent Corrigan drops his undies in episode three of Naked Sword’s Ultra Fan. photo source: Naked Sword

Brent Corrigan in Ultra Fan

Brent Corrigan — on loan from Falcon Studios — looks jacked in these nude glamour shots from his latest feature, Ultra Fan, from Naked Sword. See the rest after the jump… video source: Naked Sword

Jason Maddox does Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan slips into a luxurious soaking tub; as he relaxes, his cock swells and hardens. Jason Maddox, Brent’s masseur, begins the bodywork session with firm strokes along Brent’s muscled backside. The round, meaty cheeks of Brent’s ass are irresistible to Jason, who’s fingers reach into Brent’s tight hole. With his right hand, Brent reaches […]

Brent Corrigan then

Friday Flashback to when a young Brent Corrigan was a Zac Efron in High School Musical porn parody just waiting to happen. (It never did.) Over the past decade we got to see the twink superstar — who started his scandalous and storied porn career while still a minor — morph into a 30-year-old ginger […]

Brent Corrigan now

Look who it is! Porn superstar Brent Corrigan is coming out of retirement (again), and the timing couldn’t be more perfect since he keeps getting mentioned in the mainstream press. It seems like a certain queer-baiting celebrity can’t keep his name out of his mouth. See the rest of Brent’s full-size nude pin-ups from Falcon’s […]

Brent Corrigan in the buff

A buff Brent Corrigan bares all in these nude pin-ups from Falcon Studios gay porn feature Magnitude. photo source: Falcon Studios

Brent Corrigan bulge ‘n’ boner

Nude glamour shots of Brent Corrigan from Icon Male’s Gay Massage House — where he plays a virginal Christian boy who gets nailed by Adam Russo. See him without those sexy, little briefs after the jump… photo source: Icon Male

Brent Corrigan’s bulge ‘n’ boner

Some hot poolside pics of Brent Corrigan to chase away the winter chill. From the Falcon Studios porn pic Poolside. Scroll through his high-res pin-up gallery after the jump… photo source: Falcon Studios

Brent Corrigan boning up

Nerd alert! Some really, really old school Brent Corrigan. Even though it’s a long holiday weekend, you should still keep up with your studies. Brent’s setting a good example. Scroll through his sexy pin-up gallery after the jump…