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Penner exposes his penis

Remember when three-time Survivor contestant Jonathan Penner got totally naked and did aerobics? No? Well, me neither, but look what I just found. It’s a full frontal nude scene from the 1998 sex comedy Anarchy TV.

The Spy (Uncut) dick pic scene

Julian Miller puts the uncut in Spy (Uncut) as a horny henchman who tests his surveillance equipment by taking some dick pics. OK, so it’s a prosthetic penis, but they had me going there for a second.

Clemens Schick’s real sex scene

The Brosnan-era Moneypenny might call Clemens Schick a “cunning linguist” after watching him in this un-simulated sex scene from the erotic short film Hotel Desire. Schick played one of Le Chiffre’s henchmen in Casino Royale. He was the bald dude with piercing blue eyes who cuts the bottom out of a chair during Daniel Craig‘s […]

Big Boner — Battle of the Cock

Forget Battle of the Block. (I’m sure most of us wish that we could.) It’s time for a Battle of the Cock. Even though the U.S. version of the voyeuristic reality series Big Brother tends to be more puritanical than its international counterparts, it still has a fair share of male houseguests who can’t seem […]

All-nude long Latin strippers

Watch these long Latin go-go boys wag their big ‘n’ stiff wangs during an all-nude revue at a male strip club in Madrid. video source: Tarek Del Moreno Group

Which actor has the best butt?

There’s nothing gratuitous about any of these male nude scenes. Nope, not at all. These actors get naked for their art because the plot requires it. See, we have to watch Christian Bale exfoliate in the shower, or else we could never fully appreciate the extent of his vanity and metrosexuality. And if we didn’t […]

Joe Manganiello & the penis pump

It’s that scene from Magic Mike where Joe Manganiello fluffs his cock with a penis pump before going onstage. Of course, we all know this shot is basically a special effect. I like to think it’s fake but accurate.

Big Brother’s Crazy James gay porn

The night vision makes this look like a hardcore hookup from the Big Brother live feeds. But really this is an episode from the Dirty Tricks web series “Crazy James” Zinkand starred in before getting cast for the CBS reality show. In this scene the faux-hawked fan favorite meets a hot black guy at a […]

Another naked runway walk

Strapping male models strutting down the catwalk in an all-nude, full frontal “fashion” show. Love watching those jiggling butt cheeks.

Ready to not wear

What if a bunch of chiseled male models showed up for a fashion show, but they forgot to bring the clothes? A five minute video clip of nude male models with lots of flopping cocks and jiggly round asses.