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Big Brother’s Crazy James gay porn

The night vision makes this look like a hardcore hookup from the Big Brother live feeds. But really this is an episode from the Dirty Tricks web series “Crazy James” Zinkand starred in before getting cast for the CBS reality show. In this scene the faux-hawked fan favorite meets a hot black guy at a […]

Big Brother bubble butt

Those Big Brother guys are all exhibitionists at heart. Which must explain how Will Wikle of BB5 could get caught naked in public. photo source: In All Their Glory

Big Brother Nick showing his dick

No Big Brother boner collection would be complete without Nick Starcevic, the college jock who inadvertently stoked a gay porn rumor about himself by admitting he once gave a guy a blowjob. Some people thought he was Trent from Next Door Male, but I’m not seeing a resemblance. photo source: DudeTube

Big Brother boner beat off

Alone At Last — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh N Boners VOD Previously! On Biiiiiiig Brother! It’s BB10‘s Steven Daigle enjoying some alone time in his own private jack shack. It’s a five-minute fap session from Playgirl’s Alone At Last. video source: Flesh ‘N’ Boners VOD

Big Brother boner bounce

Since absolutely nothing of interest is happening in the Big Brother 16 house this week, let’s catch up with one of last season’s houseguests. Oh, look! It’s David Girton from Big Brother 15 playing with his boner on the internet. Eat you heart out, Aaryn Gries! My God, what has he done with his hair? […]

Big Brother’s Cody Calafiore

It’s underwear model Cody Calafiore, the hottest new cast member of Big Brother 16 (U.S.), modeling C-IN2 undies and athletic gear. Hopefully he’s not a racist, homophobic douche like that other guy from this season. Fingers crossed. Oh, and there’s a video of him jamming his fingers up another dude’s ass, so turn on your […]

Big Brother’s Steven sucks dick

Taking Tips — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh N Boners VOD Just in time for another (hopefully not racist) season of Big Brother U.S., here’s season 10 houseguest Steven Daigle sucking some cock. Next Door fuck buddy Brandon Lewis is on the receiving end of one sweet 69 blowjob. video source: Flesh ‘N’ […]

Big softies — Jonny Cockfill

Big Brother men becoming male porn stars is like a regular thing now, isn’t it? Here’s BBUK contestant Johnny Anglais (aka porn star/male stripper Jonny Cockfill) exposing every inch. photo source: Shaved Men

Big Boner — Battle of the Cock

Forget Battle of the Block. (I’m sure most of us wish that we could.) It’s time for a Battle of the Cock. Even though the U.S. version of the voyeuristic reality series Big Brother tends to be more puritanical than its international counterparts, it still has a fair share of male houseguests who can’t seem […]

Big Boner — Beast Mode Cock Boy?

Did future Survivor contestant Caleb Reynolds (aka Beast Mode Cowboy of Big Brother 16) overshare some dick pics on social media? The one damning piece of evidence is that comic book poster in the background. It was a prop in one of the show’s competitions. I can’t decide if this should be considered in or […]

Steven Daigle in ‘Big Wood’

Big Wood — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh N Boners VOD Steve Daigle goes from Big Brother to Big Wood in this hardcore feature from Falcon Studios. Steven sucks Aden Jaric‘s cock and eats his ass. Then Aden gives Steven a blowjob and licks his hole until it’s nice and slick so he […]

Big Boner — Jamie Brooksby’s cock

Big Brother 6 (Australia) was all about Jamie Brooksby’s cock. His big, beautiful, perfectly proportioned penis. The whole house was obsessed with Jamie’s wang, because he gave them good reason to be. Brooksby — who ultimately won the whole damn game — was constantly letting it dangle in front of everyone’s faces. I wish the […]

Tom Hardy — Daddy birthday bloke

We love Daddies and one of our favorite (or should we say favourite) British Daddies is celebrating one this Saturday. The devilishly sexy and incredibly naked Tom Hardy turns 41 on Saturday. Tom is a member of the Mr. Man Hall of Fame of Nudity with 10 naked roles under his belt.

RIP — Billy Herrington

Well, this is terrible. Gay porn star Billy Herrington, 48, died after sustaining injuries in a car accident over the weekend. The bad news was first acknowledged by director Chi Chi LaRue via Twitter and later confirmed by Herrington’s mother in a Facebook post. Herrington began his adult video career in the late ’90s and […]

Will & Jimmy suck ‘n’ fuck

Will Wikle‘s bubble butt gets fingered and fucked when he hooks up with Jimmy Durano in an outdoor shower on Fire Island. photo source: CockyBoys

Oral Fixation — Will blows Jimmy

After their day at the beach, Jimmy Durano and Will Wikle take it to the next level with a little oral foreplay. photo source: CockyBoys