Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

Classic Colt model John Pruitt as Cupid

And may Cupid’s aim be straight and true. Well, maybe not that straight… This erotic shot features classic Colt model John Pruitt as an amorous archer.

photo source: ExcellentMen

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Jambo Africa — Steve Skarsgaard

Gay porn star Steve Skarsgaard (Bel Ami Online)

Wow! Bel Ami casting struck gold with another one. Much like his predecessor Hoyt Kogan, Steve Skarsgaard — in addition to having a look that’s worthy of the Skarsgaard brand — has the jaw-dropping good looks of someone who could model professionally. I’ve always had a weakness for beautiful, brown haired, blue-eyed boys… Check out his full-size solo shots from his softcore “Jambo Africa” Art Collection after the jump…

photo source: Bel Ami Online

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Ingo near the window

Ingo, a nude model with a perfect bubble butt. (MaleModel NL)

Isn’t that a perfect peach? Ingo is back. And this time he’s giving his neighbors a view to a thrill by indecently exposing himself next to the window. See his full frontal nude pin-up after the jump…

photo source: MaleModel NL

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The astonishing Colby Melvin

We’ve already established that underwear model Colby Melvin an ample amount of, er, charm. Not that we needed more proof, but here’s another ass-tonishing pic of the self-described southern gentleman.

photo credit: theOtterj; via Twitter

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Ray Dragon in a flannel vest

Ray Dragon in flannel vest pushing down his big dick (Colt Studio Group)

Friday Flashback: I hope Ray Dragon‘s flannel vest is enough to keep him warm. Since he’s not wearing anything else. Click the pic to see his full-size nude pin-up…

photo source: Colt Studio Group

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Top Five Nude Scenes From Ryan Murphy Shows!

Have you ever wondered what Darren Criss looks like naked? You can see his bare butt and beefy bulge in American Crime Story: The Assassination of Giovanni Versace, because Ryan Murphy has a knack for talking A-list talent out of their pants. Some of Hollywood’s most famous male celebs have gone buck ass nude for his TV projects — including Ricky Martin, Matt Bomer, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson, and Oscar-nominated hotties like Mark Ruffalo & Bradley Cooper. You can see them on this week’s Mr. Man Minute.

video source: Mr. Man

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Maarten getting warm & hot in bed

Shirtless male model Maarten Ro

Thursday Thirst Trap: Shirtless male model Maarten Ro’s looking sexy in suspenders and tight, bulging white briefs. See his pin-up gallery after the jump….

photo source: MaleModel NL

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Zack Lemec’s perfect posterior

Zack Lemec's hot naked ass (Next Door Studios)

For several years Zack Lemec has been a main attraction at Maskurbate — where you can watch him put his junk into assorted gadgets. (In his latest scene he evens puts his cock into another man’s hand.) While his impressive penis gets plenty of attention, one mustn’t overlook his beautiful buttocks. In these sunny shots from his first ever porn performance at Next Door Male, Zack provides a perfect view of his supple man mounds when he drops his drawers and climbs on top of a boulder next to a sparkling fountain. You can check out the rest of his sweet cheeks by scrolling through his nude pin-up gallery after the jump…

photo source: Next Door Studios

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Mentally undress Darren Criss

Darren Criss full frontal nude (fake) with big beautiful cock and sexy sidebutt

So I gave a hard pass to The Assassination of Gianni Versace because I’m totally burned out on gay narratives about death and dysfunction. But naked Darren Criss is always fun, right? Even if it’s just a fantasy. BTW, that lovely otter bod and magnificent cock actually belong to retired gay porn star Tommy Defendi.

photo source: Gay Famous Fakes

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Body of Work: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

“With his piercing eyes, dick sucking lips for days, and rocking bod, we’re glad that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has such a COCKprehensive Body of Work!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man

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Daily Dude — Griffin Barrows

Gay porn star Griffin Barrows

Hunky, well-built Griffin Barrows is an intriguing stud who began performing in 2014. He’s a Taurus with a scruffy beard, tight body, and 6.5” cut cock. There’s something soulful about his deep blue eyes, the kind we’d love to get lost in as we ascend new erotic heights with him.

In most of Griffin’s scenes, he’s a bottom. From the emotional drama of His Hot Brother-in-Law (Icon Male) to the rough, leather-loving Skuff: Rough Trade (Hot House Entertainment), Griffin demonstrated that he had a wide sexual range right from the beginning. — Bio by AEBN

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Angelo’s butt, balls & boner

Male porn star Angelo Godshack (Male Reality)

Seems like Angelo Godshack has been doing porn for a couple of lifetimes. I’m old enough to remember when his name was Ennio Guardi — from back in his Bel Ami twink days. His prolific porn career has been long and varied — running the gamut from gay to straight and in bi-tween. These days (when he’s not doing straight porn) you can mostly find him in solo jack off scenes at Maskurbate. His cock is pretty huge. Click the pic to get a closer look at his full-size pin-up.

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Beefcake — Eric Turner

Hunky naked daddy Eric Turner wrapped in a towel

Fitness model Eric Turner serves up some fresh daddy hotness just out of the shower. Shame about the towel though…

photo credit: Twitter

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Best Full Frontals Of The 2000s!

“Some of the hottest full frontal scenes ever came from the 2000s, and we’ve got the best of the best right here! Peek cock from A-listers like Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy, Michael Pitt and more!” — Mr. Man

video source: Mr. Man

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