Blindfolded ‘n’ butt fucked

Tough And Tender — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh N Boners VOD

Jack Harrer goes all 50 shades of gay on Gino Mosca when he ties him up blindfolded so he can tongue-fuck his ass and then slip his fat cock into Gino’s tight hole. Jack gets what he wants, and Gino’s happy to give it up.

video source: Flesh ‘N’ Boners

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Matthew’s mighty meat

Sean Cody -- Naked big dicked stud Matthew

Meet Matthew. He’s just a simple boy with simple tastes — and a giant pubic bush and an even bigger cock. Ex-military. Likes hunting and fishing. Cute butt. And his dick is so big that he doesn’t have to worry about shrinkage when a takes a skinny dip in a frigid pool. Watch him beat his meat in his first solo scene.

photo source: Sean Cody

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Tyler Torro’s perfect ass

Sweet cheeks

Let’s take a few minutes to appreciate Tyler Torro‘s amazing ass. Tyler drops trou in the hot seat and shows off his perfect bubble butt and rock hard boner. Scroll through this gallery of pin-ups of his gravity defying glutes.

photo source: Next Door World

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Cody Calafiore cock rub

Cody Calafiore (Big Brother 16) tugging on his boner

Cody Calafiore putting his hands to his pants to rub his dick

Cody Calariore adusting his penis

You know it must really suck to be horny in the Big Brother house. Always walking around semi-hard or with a full-on erection with little or no chance for relief. Casting played it safe this season after last year’s racism debacle, so the straight edge hamsters of Big Brother 16 aren’t likely to be giving any undercover bjs or handies like so many other house guests from previous seasons.

Which explains why Cody Calafiore can’t stop touching his cock. The poor guy hasn’t busted a nut since that one night when he had a wet dream and came all over himself. So he’s always getting caught slipping his hand down his pants to make an adjustment to his semi-hard peen. Most noticeably that one night by the pool table when he tugged on his boner because he thought no one was looking. Oops!

photo source: Damn he’s hot

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Luke bones Roger bareback

Bigger Than Big 2 — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh N Boners VOD

Luke Hammill lubes Roger Lambert’s ass by tonguing his tight hole before he slides his raw cock up Roger’s cute backside. Roger slides his foreskin up and down his rock hard boner as Luke pounds his ass.

video source: Flesh ‘N’ Boners

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Colby Melvin’s cute butt

Nude male model Colby Melvin has a nice ass

Model Colby Melvin caught without underwear.

photo source: Men age 30

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Zane Porter unzipped

Randy Blue -- Zane Porter in Welcome to L.A., Beverly Hills

Zane Porter is a rascally rent boy in Randy Blue’s web series Welcome to L.A., Beverly Hills. See him get it up after the jump…

photo source: Randy Blue

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Dominic’s got a long dong

Sean Cody -- Dominic

Dominic‘s a lanky hunk who likes to flex his pecs. He’s ready to lube up and stroke his long and slippery boner in his firs solo jack off scene.

photo source: Sean Cody

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Hot shot — Jay nails Justin

Jay Landford shows Justin Owen how to take his first black cock

Now here’s a stunning rear view of cute, little white boy Justin Owen getting reamed by Jay Lanford‘s big, black cock.

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Eric Reins

Classic nude Playgirl hunk Eric Reins (aka Ace Hanson)

A vintage butt shot of Playgirl hunk Eric Reins (aka gay porn star Ace Hanson). His glutes are as round as a soccer ball!

photo source: Playgirl, via Excellent Top Gay Blog

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