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Matthew Rush football flesh

Gay porn star Matthew Rush in a football uniform

Some vintage nude pin-ups of gay porn star Matthew Rush getting big ‘n’ stiff in the locker room with a big ol’ jock boner.

photo source: Falcon Studios

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Austin Wilde does Christian Wilde

Golden Gate 5: The Cover Up — Watch Full HD movie now in Flesh N Boners VOD

Austin Wilde has Christian Wilde flat on his back fucking him missionary style. But Christian’s used to being in control, so he rolls Austin backwards and climbs on top of him, riding Austin’s big dick. Christian’s cute butt cheeks jiggle as he bounces on Austin’s shaft.

video source: Flesh ‘N’ Boners

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Walker’s butt ‘n’ boner

Sean Cody -- Walker

Walker‘s a big, built beautiful hunk who looks good coming and going. Up front he’s got a nice, thick, perfectly proportioned cock. And around back he’s got a big, round juicy bubble butt. He seems a little bit shy about doing his first solo, but that just makes him even more sexy. Watch him rub one out while fingering his taint.

photo source: Sean Cody

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Diego Arnary keepin’ it clean

A sexy rear nude shot of male model

Model Diego Arnary taking a shower, shot through a clear glass door. Nice ass!

photo source: Amazing Men

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David Girton full frontal selfie

David Girton (Big Brother 15) full frontal nude selfie

In addition to playing with his boner, David Girton (of Big Brother 15 infamy) continues to over-share by sending out full frontal selfies on his NSFW Vine.

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Sam Worthington fantasy boner

Avatar actor Sam Worthington naked with a hard-on.

In your wildest fantasies Sam Worthington likes to fuck responsibly. Here he is ready to go with a rubber on his big, hard cock.

The folks on FX Movie Download just reminded me that while prepping for his role in Avatar James Cameron recorded him running around a Hawaiian jungle wearing nothing but a thong.

photo source: ExcellentMen

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Hot shot — Boy in the sand

Gay porn star Ace Hanson (aka centerfold model Eric Reins) sunbathing naked at the beach.

Centerfold model Eric Reins (aka gay porn star Ace Hanson) gets a beach boner while sunbathing nude at the beach.

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Fuck yeah! Suck that dick!

Obediant cocksucker Dusty on his knees giving Mac a sweet blowjob.

Another sucking ‘n’ submissive cocksucker, Dusty, with a mouthful of big Mac. He’s gonna suck that dick because he wants the special sauce.

photo source: Sean Cody, via

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Duncan Black gets a cum shower

Colby Keller cumming all over Duncan Black in the shower. (Sauna Slut)

It’s a good thing Colby Keller and Duncan Black are already in the shower, because when Colby gets finished fucking him, he makes a sloppy, wet mess by blowing his load all over Duncan’s face and chest.

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